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Toronto Star is a leading Canadian Newspaper that has the largest selling platform for organizing news and publishing weekly newspapers in Greater Toronto. If you are an adamant news reader then you can have it on the web at and on mobile apps.

If you do not wish to continue with the Toronto Star Subscription opting to cancel the services, do not worry as this page is what you require in the recent context.

A brief on Toronto Star Subscription cancellation –

Once you are subscribed to Toronto Star Subscription you will receive the weekly newsletters comprising premium content that are usually for paid members.

If you do not wish to create an account just take up a guest account and access limited articles without being charged any penny. This is a free trial for 30 days without the premium content which is actually for paid subscribers.

There are different types of Email newsletters offered at The Star:-

  • Membership Newsletters – Here members learn about the updation of products, rewards, events, and other privileges from the group of Star Media. Moreover, you will understand the manner of registering into the account in order to check the newsletters updated.
  • Subscription Mails – The subscribed members receive emails, and reminders related to the subscription whenever any offers are around the corner.
  • Curated Newsletters – Here, one can receive daily alerts, evening gossip, business-related information, and health and fitness stories.

How do I cancel my Toronto Star Subscription?

Toronto Subscription offers a month-free trial period. At the end of this period, your account will be moved to a subscription if you fail to cancel within the trial period.

There are two options to get access to the Toronto Star account online and the other one is through the app installed on the mobile. 

Here are the ways that we will discuss so that the cancellation strategy works smoothly.

  1. You can manage the subscriptions using the option Manage my Subscription. The page also arrives with a Live Chat option to contact customer service for assistance.
  2. If you want to keep track of your bill history so that you do not miss the date and be ready with the cancellation procedure.
  3. Pick the Email option by composing an email and sending it to For the mobile apps write to at
  4. You can also try calling over the phone requesting to cancel the subscription at -1-800-268-9213 or -416-367-4500 or outside GTA.
  5. Deliver mail to the given address:-

Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd, 
Circulation Department,

8 Spadina Avenue, 
10th Floor, Toronto,
ON M5V 0S8

These options enable canceling Toronto Star Subscription with ease. Customer teams are available from Monday to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, timing 6:00 am – 5:00 pm.

The cancellation request can be made at any moment over the phone to the support team. In some cases, you need to request cancellation in writing: 

  • Purchased a subscription in a fixed plan and canceled at the mid-period, canceling fees will be charged for early canceling that includes the period left, plus taxes applied.
  • If the subscription request is made 5 days before the end period then the subscription for the next period will be terminated without charging any fees.
  • You might receive a low rate on a term subscription and on cancelling the membership pay the rate charged monthly with the remaining months. The actual charge for a monthly subscription is $14.99 including tax.

The cancellation requested in mid-period takes 48 hours to process the cancellation.

How to cancel Toronto Star Digital Subscription

When you subscribe to Star Digital Access subscription you will receive access to content and news on the app and at It also gives assess of personalization features.

The membership comes in two forms Premium and Standard Plan. Premium offers advertisement-free content and the Standard plan will have ads during the content.

Call at -877-424-0036 and request to cancel the subscription.

Marketing ads might be frustrating and you can click the link in the email to unsubscribe it. If you still feel you cannot unsubscribe from the email or need to contact customer support try reaching

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