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New York is a magazine that is produced twice a week in America. The magazine emphasizes on culture, life, politics, style and more about New York City. As time passes, the magazine holds its concerns about the importance of the national, culture and other notable articles.

If customers wish to access New York Magazine, they need to subscribe to a paid membership. In some instances, you want might not know the varied in charges. This might lead to a desire for cancelling the subscription.

If you are unaware of the ways how to cancel The New York Magazine Subscription, this page will depict the different modes to eliminate the subscription.

How to Cancel New Yorker Magazine Subscription 

In order to convey more range from New York, the cost for the plans fluctuates without providing any notice to the users. Sometimes there is no notification from the company about the changes made. If you already have the notification about the changes to the account and this is forwarded to your email.

There are different methods t cancel the subscription prior to the end of the period. You can subscribe to the account and similarly, you can rule out of the account without much difficulty.

New Yorker Magazine Subscription Cancellation

The cancellation of the subscriptions is accomplished by visiting the webpage at The steps involved to cancel the subscription are as follows:

  1. Click the link to enter the home page of the account.
  2. Next, type the login credentials and click the login tab.
  3. Move to the Subscription & Billing category in the next step. 
  4. After that, tap on the option “Cancel Your Subscription” and initiate the cancellation.  
  5. Do not forget to submit the reason for the cancellation and click on the Confirm option.

Those users with Digital Subscriptions can access the services till the billing cycle ends. You need to cancel the digital access when you make the request for cancellation.

If you have Print + Digital Subscriptions, here the services will be directly cancelled on the day of request. You might face some issues because of USPS processing and no charges included in the deliveries. The confirmed cancellation will be provided through email on whatever grounds you choose to cancel the subscription. After the process for cancellation initiates the digital access subscription will be cancelled. But services that are free of charge can still be enjoyed for free in a month.

When you do not receive any support online you can reach the customer team and send a request. Answer the questions asked, probably there are three queries related to your issue. Then describe your issue in a true sense. Provide an email address, subject and description of the issue. You can add attachments to give a clear view of the current issue. Lastly, tap on the Submit button.

New York Magazine Cancelled at 17

In an article which was titled “Cancelled at 17”, the author describes a boy who was ignored and later on was termed an “abuser” for showing pictures of his friend. The title faced lots of criticism and the boy was shown as a victim in later parts of the para.

Still, at the buzz to solve the subscription issue currently confronting try composing an email at or ring at -800-678-0900 for better assistance.

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