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Cancel Trim Down Club Membership

Trim Down Club is well known as the weight-loss club, which was established in the year 2012. The Trim Down Club firm is located in San Francisco, California. Ossie Sharon is the Director of Nutrition and is the registered dietician of the company. She has acquired about 20 years of research and clinical experience in the branch of nutrition. Her working experiences state as she worked both with private clients, also in the hospital, and in research environments. One another registered dietician of Trim Down Club is Noemia Strapazzon. She has working experience in clinical dietetics, nutrition, and management of weight loss.

The company Trims Down is specially designed as a natural program for weight loss. It accommodates simple as well as verified principles for weight loss. This program helps the clients to eliminate processed food and items and focuses to turn on eating more healthy and natural ones. This makes the clients begin by replacing food not good for health and which also adds weight with the better choices of food. As a member of the Trim Down Club membership, you do not have to be worried about working out on calories, fat grams, points, or carbs. No more worries to deal with bad diets or diet pills. You do not need to starve while dealing with the Trim Down Club program on weight loss.

Along with the club, one can come up with the goals of weight loss in just five(5) easy steps. The step-by-step points will help you out on how to lose the fat away. Through making interactions with one another you can learn many positive kinds of stuff which will play role in inspiring you. A group of certified dieticians and nutritionists will be assisted you. Instructions and information on preparation will be furnished to you, on cooking tasty food recipes that will help you to curb your appetite.

The monthly Trim Down Club memberships start at $9.90/month. You can also access the online equipment such as Personal Menu Planner, My Menu, My Progress, Instant Menu, and My Journal.

Although it provides a lot of services and features along with benefits sometimes it’s hard to maintain due to a busy schedule or a financial crisis because of which you wish for  Trim Down Club to cancel its membership.

So if you are looking into Trim Down Club on how to cancel then here you are on the right platform, through this blog we will bring to you the method on ‘How to cancel Trim Down Club membership’.

List of information that may require in the process of how to cancel Trim Down Club:

One must keep ready the following list of details and information before performing the procedure for the Trim Down Club Program to cancel membership.

  • First name of the member
  • Last name of the member
  • Registered email address
  • Username of the account
  • Password
  • Contact Number
  • Billing address
  • City of residence
  • State/ Region/ Province
  • Postal Code or ZIP Code
  • Country
  • The reason for cancellation

How do I cancel my Trim Down Club via the Web Form?

The steps one needs to follow for the Trim Down Club diet to cancel membership through the Web Form are discussed below:

  1. Visit the Trim Down Club contact our website:

    In the first step, through any preferred browser visit the website of the Trim Down Club program contact site at 

  2. Scroll down and look for the form of ‘Contact’:

    Next, scroll down the page and look for the  ‘Contact form’ tab

  3. Enter the details and information required and make a request for cancellation instantly:

    Then, fill in the required details and information of yours and directly make the request to cancel the membership.

  4. To confirm, they may ask if you surely desire to cancel the membership:

    In the next step, they may ask you questions regarding if you surely wish to cancel.

  5. Respond back affirming your wish:

    Now, respond back to the team affirming the desire for the cancellation of the membership.

  6. Ensure to get a confirmation mail back from the company:

    Also make sure, to get a confirmation email or number regarding the cancellation.

  7. Retain the confirmation details carefully:

    Lastly, retain the details of the confirmation email or number for any future reference.


Therefore, one must ensure to cancel the membership before the bill on the monthly cycle is due otherwise you may be charged for that particular month whether the cancellation is made before the end of the month or not as per the Trim Down Club cancellation policy. One must also take note that Trim Down Club permits you to cancel the membership at any time without bothering you with any questions. Keep in mind that you may be charged on the existing month if the cycle of billing has passed already and that amount is not refundable.

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