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Worrying about How to cancel Broadband with Utility Warehouse, this page has the answer to your queries. Going through the article will make you stress-free and also provides some important information related to Utility Warehouse cancellation.

How do I cancel my Utility Warehouse account?

Utility Warehouse pools customers’ landline, mobile, gas, electricity, and broadband. Here Utility Warehouse is a preliminary engine for generating revenue for Telecom Plus.

Utility Warehouse broadband employs the network of Openreach, known as the identical physical network.

Customers also earn by recommending others to switch to UW. The amount will be between £250 to £300 as Customer Bonus.

In some instances, you decide to change your distributor and you need to check for the terms and policies of the contract. In order to move out of the broadband with Utility Warehouse. You do not require to contact customer service at Utility Warehouse. Get in touch with the new provider and they will notify the previous distributor about switching the provider along with the meter readings that will help to generate the final bill. This process takes 6 weeks to complete once switched.

Do not cancel Direct Debit with Utility Warehouse during the process, as this will be utilized to take the customer’s final payment, or reimbursement the credit outstanding.

Suppose the customer is on a fixed plan then charges will be incurred for early termination. Go to Supply Details to check the bill for electricity and gas.

If the refund is entitled to the customer by mistake then you need to return the same whenever you are asked to. Canceling of direct debit can be done by contacting the bank. Provide written confirmation and also notify the company.

Canceling broadband of Utility Warehouse on the phone 

If you wish to reach out to customer service to cancel the Utility Warehouse account then contact them over the phone.

  • Dial -0-333-777-0777
  • Request the support team to cancel the service at Utility Warehouse.
  • Provide them with the account number.
  • They will try their best to lure you with numerous offers so you need to prepare for that. Ultimately it is you who will decide whether you want to continue the service or not.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the service is canceled.

You can also reach customer support by dialing -0333-777-3212.

How the Utility Warehouse Cancel Mobile Contract

For canceling the mobile contract call -0333-777-3238.

Changing the mobile number to new distributor type PAC and send to 65075 or log in to the Clubhouse.

Cancel my Cashback Card with Utility Warehouse

For canceling the additional cards, contact customer support, the remaining balance can be utilized on the left-out cards.

Few points to keep in mind to cancel the service:-

  • The cashback amount should be under £5.
  • Once you cancel cashback all accounts cards will be removed automatically.
  • The cancellation process cannot be reversed.

Utility Warehouse Broadband cancellation fee 

You need to pay £400 as an early cancellation fee in order to switch to a different provider.

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