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Just Energy is a Canadian power energy group company operating in natural gas and electricity spreading the services all over North America. Just Energy is a one-stop shop with dependable rates and a customer support team that offers friendly services. 

You can also earn $100 by referring your friends using the Just Energy account. Although the company offers the best services still one or the other customer decides to cancel the contract at Just Energy. 

If you are worrying about how to cancel Just Energy immediately then we are here with the information to resolve your cancellation problem.

How to cancel my Just Energy Contract Online

In order to cancel Just Energy’s solution you can use the online method: visit https://help.justenergy.com/s/contact-us. You need to have an account registered so that you can log in using your Just Energy credentials. The transaction can be viewed on the account online without visiting any power energy.

If you decide to transfer to a different location you need to opt for a new provider and once you change to a different provider the previous provider will be canceled. Make sure to provide them with your reason to cancel or opt out of the service.

Just Energy also has a cancellation number where you can ask the representative to cancel the ongoing service.

  1. Call -833-757-1615
  2. Wait for the representative to answer the call.
  3. Give them the contact details that you wish to cancel. Also, provide them with all the necessary details related to your account so that the rep might be able to solve your problem.
  4. The agent will view your details and then verify proceeding to cancel the Just Energy contract.
  5. A confirmation email will be delivered to your registered email address once the cancellation process is completed.

For California users:- 1-877-226-5368 
Other States:- 1-866-587-8674

In case you want to avoid the cancellation fee then customers can make a request in 10 days to cancel the Just Energy account.

Does Just Energy have a cancellation fee

Yes, they do have a cancellation fee. As a customer, you need to notify the customer team that you wish to cancel Just Energy Service in 30 days. If fail to do so then pay $95 with extra charges applied.
If you are still worried about your cancellation process at Just Energy then write an email to cs@justenergy.com seeking assistance with customer service.

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