How do I cancel my Rocket Lawyer,

Cancelling Rocket Lawyer Membership: A Tutorial

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Rocket Lawyer delivers varied lawful courtesies to individuals and short-term businesses. Individuals might not be able to carry on with the subscription and decide to cancel. If you cannot cancel and this bothers you as the renewal date is near then we are here to help you out with the article about canceling Rocket Lawyer.

Rocket Lawyer Cancellation Policy:-

Before proceeding forward with the methods to cancel Rocket Lawyer, first, you need to know what membership cancellation means.

Users may find difficulty in trying to cancel a subscription although the process seems to be simple still many may face problems in accomplishing the procedure. The Membership Cancellation Letter will let you furnish a formal notice in writing to eliminate from the subscription of publication, club, or organization.

In the cancellation letter, you will be required to answer some of the questions: organization name and address, the reason for cancellation, request for a refund in full, payment details, etc. as mentioned in the cancellation policy of Rocket Lawyer.

How do I cancel my Rocket Lawyer Free Trial?

Rocket Lawyer offers a free trial for 7 days before moving into a paid subscription. If you fail to cancel before the end of the trial then you will be charged the fee for the subscription. To escape from being charged there is a need to cancel the membership. Cancellation of Rocket Lawyer free trial can be done at any moment. Documents that are saved will remain in the same position which will be accessed for printing as well as downloading. Also, sign out from the account to discontinue the service.

After that, you need to sign in by following the instructions:-

  1. Tap the username and select “Account Settings”.
  2. Next, find the “Downgrade” or “Change plan” option.
  3. Then you will be asked to change to a $1 loyalty plan per month. This plan lets you protect the personal information of your family that you created.
  4. After that, pick the cancellation reason and tap the “End my benefits” option.
  5. An email will be delivered confirming the cancellation.

The free trial allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of Premium Membership without any cost. In this trial period, you can create a legal document, the features of digital signature, and use the tools of document management to edit and share the forms.

In case you are convinced with the features then the charges will be automatically invoiced from a debit or credit card after the free trial ends. The charges will appear in 2 working days on the account statement.

Aware that a free trial is available per customer as a time offer.

What are the methods to cancel Rocket Lawyer Membership:

Here we will be discussing the methods to eliminate the membership before the account enters into subscription mode. 

You need to provide the following details and keep them handy so that you can furnish them when asked as Name in Full, Email Address, and Password.

i) Cancel Rocket Lawyer Account by Phone:

The steps involved to complete the cancellation process are as follows:-

  • Dial -877-881-0947 on weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM.
  • Request customer support to cancel the account.
  • Furnish the related details of the account.
  • Inquire if the account will be charged after canceling.
  • Also, ask for a refund in full.
  • Request for email as evidence of the cancellation.
  • Keep safely the evidence for further reference.

ii) Cancelling Rocket Lawyer Subscription Online:

  • Using your browser type in the search address
  • Entering the page, type the login credentials that you used while creating the account.
  • Your username will be seen on the page, just Tap on it.
  • Tap on the “Account settings” tab.
  • Next, head to select “Downgrade”  available on the screen.
  • Now, pick up the reason for cancellation.
  • Receive the confirmation email that your account is being canceled.

iii) Cancel Subscription on Rocket Lawyer by Email:

Go to the Rocket Lawyer page and proceed using the option “contact form”. Click on Contact Us and a page opens up on the screen where you need to enter your Email Address, Name, Subject, and Message in the specified boxes. Next, check the box to prove that you are a human. Lastly, click on the Submit button.

Note: There is also a mailing address

Rocket Lawyer Incorporated
182 Howard Street #830
San Francisco, California 94105


The above-mentioned methods to unsubscribe from the subscription are simple and easy to follow. If you still have any queries regarding the discontinuation of the services try calling the given number -877-881-0947.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Canceling LegalShield Membership

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Do you want to cancel LegalShield? Guess what?? You have just got into the correct platform. On this page, we brought to you the absolute guidance on the LegalShield cancel account.

LegalShield is a company that empowers users by providing lenient access to qualified lawyers who are in need of legal advice or on the whole legal plan. The members here can ask for a legal plan even for any family members or business-related.

Required Information To End LegalShield Membership:-

In case you no longer need the LegalShield subscription anymore and decide to cancel your LegalShield membership then make sure to keep ready the required information that you may need to deliver to the LegalShield agent:

  • Name of the user
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Account details
  • The last four numbers of the driver’s license

Two Easy Method To Cancel LegalShield

Looking at whichever method is preferred by you, one can choose any of the stated methods to cancel.

1. How to cancel your LegalShield through an Email

The steps on LegalShield to cancel membership by sending an Email are as follows:-

  1. Compose an Email requesting to cancel the subscription.
  2. Next, you must specify the reason for the cancellation in the email.
  3. Now, include the essential information such as the ID number and details related to the account.
  4. Then, forward the composed email to the customer service team of LegalShield at
  5. Lastly, hold for a while to receive the confirmation email on cancellation for the team.

How do I cancel my LegalShield over the Phone?

Here are the steps one must follow at the time of LegalShield membership cancellation by Phone:

  1. Dial the LegalShield customer service phone number at 1-844-714-8494
  2. Talk to the rep about canceling the subscription and also explain the reason for the cancellation.
  3. Also, ask to forward a written confirmation when proceeding with the cancellation.

How do you cancel your LegalShield through a Letter?

The steps on LegalShield on how to cancel a membership by following this method are:

  1. Firstly, write a letter explaining the reason that you desire to cancel the membership.
  2. Next, furnish the relevant details including the membership number.
  3. Then, send the letter to the company address at One Pre-Paid Way Ada, OK 74820
  4. Further, wait for a while to receive the verification email on cancellation.

For any further queries on how to cancel my LegalShield membership, one can reach out to the LegalShield customer support team by visiting the website at cancel membership page.

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