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How To Cancel Subscription – A Complete Guidance

In today’s digital age, subscription services have become an essential part of our lives. From streaming platforms to food delivery benefits, subscriptions offer amenities and recreation. Yet, circumstances change, and you might locate yourself needing to unsubscribe from a subscription, like Bumper, a prevalent service known for its diverse offerings.

If you are looking to cancel the Bumper subscription, you are in the right spot. In this handbook, we will stroll you through the phases of canceling the subscription with ease.

Let’s have a brief on Bumper Subscription:-

Bumper offers a better deal for those planning to acquire a new vehicle. You need to purchase a monthly subscription amounting to $19.99 to get the report of the vehicle.

Before diving into the cancellation procedure, familiarize yourself with the Bumper subscription. Aware of the policies, such as the billing cycle, cancellation approaches, and any penalties for early cessation. This knowledge will formulate for you what to anticipate during the cancellation process.

Visit the official website of Bumper or log into the Bumper account to assess the cancellation approach. Policies might vary, so understanding the terms specific to the subscription ensures you observe the correct strategy.

Follow Some Steps To Cancel The Bumper Subscription manually

Here are a few steps that will guide you to cancel the Bumper Subscription manually. You need to identify the platform through which you subscribed to the bumper service. It could be a mobile application, website, or a third-party service provider. 

  1. Visit the official website or app where you made the subscription.
  2. Log in to the account using the registered Email Address and Password. If you subscribed via a mobile app, open the app on the device.
  3. Once you are logged in, head to the account settings. Click on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ option.
  4. In the settings tab, locate the Bumper Subscription. Tap on the option to picture the details.
  5. Tap the Cancel option and initiate the cancellation process.
  6. Some services might inquire to confirm before canceling the subscription. Substantiate that you undoubtedly want to unsubscribe from the subscription. Follow any further steps or prompts that appear on the screen.
  7. After canceling, check on email for a verification message. This email should corroborate that the subscription has been canceled successfully. Keep this email for your future reference.

In the next billing process, check the bank or credit card statements to confirm that you are no longer being charged for the bumper subscription. If you persist in being charged after cancellation, contact customer support directly.

What are the methods of canceling the subscription

If you encounter any problem during the cancellation process or if you continue to be billed after canceling, contact the customer support of the subscription service. Provide them with your account details and explain the situation to seek further assistance.

  • Contact customer support at -1-332-225-9745
  • Compose an email stating the request to cancel and send it to
  • Go to the website fill up the Contact Us form and tap the Submit option.
  • You can also use the Chat option to interact with customer service.

Cancel Subscription 

A bumper account authorizes you to assess the data you ought to have on the web or on the apps. 

Cancelling the Bumper Account on the App

  • Tap the Login tab.
  • Next, tap the Contact Us tab.
  • Select the Cancel or Unsubscribe option.
  • Tap on Submit to complete the cancellation.

In order to conserve time, please have the ID consisting of the nine-digit member at hand, and in the Email. You will receive a confirmation email on cancellation. 

In case the subscription was bought using the iOS app, then follow the steps below:-

  • Click on the Settings tab on the device.
  • Select the profile and click on Subscriptions.
  • Next, click on the Bumper Account Membership.
  • Click on the Cancel tab completing the process of cancellation.

Cancel Bumper LLC Subscription 

Follow a few of the points so that you do not find difficulty in deactivating the account:-

  • In case you forget to cancel, the plan will be renewed automatically.
  • If the account is subscribed for the free period which is for 7 days, on cancelling the account your data will be lost.
  • You will have 24 hours to cancel the membership before the end of the trial period.


Remember, the cancellation procedure might vary slightly based on the platform or service provider you employed. Always refer to the specific guidelines or contact the support team for detailed assistance.

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