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Carnival Cruise Cancellation Policy & How To Cancel Carnival Cruise

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Cruises are exciting but sometimes plans change unexpectedly. Carnival Cruise Line understands this, providing a comprehensive cancellation policy to accommodate travellers’ needs. This guide will assist you in cancelling the Carnival cruise line by following the the terms of cancellation policy

What Happens When Your Cruise Line is Cancelled

In rare instances, Carnival might cancel a cruise due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, passengers are typically offered future dates, onboard credit, or a refund in full.

As we proceed let’s dive into the cancellation policy for a smooth cancellation.

Carnival Cruise Line is renowned for equipping memorable and enjoyable cruising adventures to wanderers around the globe. However, there might be conditions when travellers ought to cancel the bookings due to unpredictable events. Carnival Cruise Line has a well-defined cancellation policy to ensure that passengers apprehend the terms and conditions associated with cancellations.

Carnival’s cancellation policy varies based on how close to the departure date you cancel. Generally, the closer to the date of departure, the higher the cancellation fee. It’s necessary to reconsider the terms before making any conclusions.

Carnival Cruise Line has a structured cancellation policy. If you cancel prior to the final payment date, usually 75 to 90 days before departure, you will obtain a full refund. After this date, cancellation expenses apply, escalating as the departure date nears.

  • Timeframe:-

Carnival Cruise Line’s cancellation policy normally implicates a specific deadline for cancellations. The precise timeframe differs based on the distance of the cruise and the destination. Travellers must check the terms and policies associated with the specific voyage package.

  • Check for Refund Eligibility:-

The refund eligibility relies on when the cancellation is made. Travellers who revoke within the specified timeframe are usually eligible for a partial or a full refund, minus any applicable fees or penalties. It’s substantial to remark that some promotional fares might not be refunded.

  • Cancellation Fees:-

Carnival Cruise Line might indict cancellation fees based on the immediacy of the cancellation to the date of departure. These fees are in place to repay for the prices incurred by the cruise line due to the cancellation.

  • Before final payment:-

If the cancellation is done prior to the final pay, no charges will be included. But in case the cruise has a promotion with non refunded fare inked as per the policy, you need to pay a minimal charge.  Dates of cruises up to five or less, final payment is to be made before 75 days and 90 days before sailing if the cruise is for more than six days.

  • After final payment:-

If cancellation is requested after making the final payment you need to pay the penalties in the following manner:

  1. Pay a standard amount if 56 days remain prior to departure.
  2. If days remain between 55 – 30 days, the standard deposit or half per cent of the total fare.
  3. Days remaining 29 – 15, 75% of the fare.
  4. If the cancellation request is 14 days from the date of departure, you will not receive any refund.
  5. If you do appear on the date of travel no refund will be allotted
  • Future Cruise Credit or FCC:-

In some circumstances, instead of the refund, Cruise Line passengers a Future Cruise Credit for the portion paid, which can be utilized towards a future voyage booking. FCCs often arrive with detailed terms and expiration dates.

  • Travel Insurance:-

Carnival Cruise Line firmly suggests that passengers contemplate purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can deliver coverage for trip revocations due to covered reasons, assuring passengers are safeguarded financially if they are required to cancel the cruise unexpectedly.

  • Changes in Itinerary:-

Carnival Cruise Line is required to cancel or alter the itinerary due to climate, safety considerations, or other aspects, and passengers are notified promptly. The cruise line might offer compensation, rescheduled voyages, or reimbursements, relying on the circumstances.

How to Cancel Carnival Cruise Online

Carnival proposes an online portal where travellers can manage their bookings. 

  • In order to cancel a cruise online, log into the Carnival account
  • Locate the booking details
  • Follow the cancellation instructions. 
  • Be sure to check out the cancellation policy and fees before confirming the cancellation.

Understanding Carnival Cruise’s cancellation policy empowers passengers to assemble informed decisions, securing a seamless knowledge even when plans don’t go as anticipated.

To cancel the booking, passengers generally ought to contact Carnival Cruise Line’s customer service or the third party travel agent, depending on what option is picked while booking the voyage. Providing booking details and a valid reason for cancellation is important for processing the request efficiently.

You can also get in touch with the online support at -800-845-2599 if you are still in a dilemma to resolve the issue.

How can I Cancel the Cruise Carnival for One Person

Yes, Carnival allows partial cancellations for individual passengers within a booking. However, note that the cancellation fees will apply to the specific person being removed from the reservation. 


It’s crucial for passengers to carefully look over and understand Carnival Cruise Line’s cancellation policy before reserving a cruise. Being aware of the terms and conditions ensures a smooth procedure in case the necessity to revoke or modify the booking emerges, allowing passengers to make informed conclusions about the travel plans.

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