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Worry about the subscription at Cleverbridge? Your main concern is how to cancel the subscription. So, what are you waiting for? We are going to have a talk on Cleverbridge cancellation on this page in order to clear your queries so that you do not face any issues and smoothly the process of cancellation can be completed.

Before moving to the policies on cancellation here we will be providing a brief on Cleverbridge.

The name Cleverbridge is the well-known electronic commerce forum or medium that delivers services to companies, facilitating them to sell items online. If you find yourself having to cancel the Cleverbridge account, follow the guidelines below.

What are the policies followed under Cleverbridge Cancellation

Gather all relevant input related to the subscription. This encloses the account details, subscription, order details, and any other information provided during the enrollment process. Having these pieces readily obtainable will bring in the cancellation procedure smoother.

You need to review Cleverbridge’s terms and policies regarding cancellations. Some services might have precise cancellation policies or windows, so it’s important to have knowledge about the guidelines and this will help you in understanding the process better.

Are there methods to Cancel Cleverbridge Subscription

Yes, of course, Cleverbridge cancellation is processed by utilizing different methods. You are required to contact customer support in order to request cancellation using phone, email, or via chat.

Cancelling online

The most simple and effortless way to cancel the Cleverbridge subscription is through the account online. 

Follow these instructions to complete the process:-

  1. Visit Cleverbridge’s website and then log in to the account using credentials.
  2. You need to locate an email where you discover the confirmation about the processed payment.
  3. On finding the email, now move to the “Subscription” section.
  4. Tap on the Manage your Subscription option. 
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation.

Canceling the subscription to cleverbridge on the Phone

If you are comfortable talking directly with the support team, dial a-866-522-6855. This might take much more time than usual so be patient while dealing using this method.

During the conversation with Cleverbridge support, be ready with the information you gathered. They may question you to verify your details ensuring the security of the account.

Cleverbridge’s support team will lead the way through the cancellation procedure. You need to furnish your identity and your intent to cancel, explain any possible outcomes, or request options to address the concerns. Follow the instructions carefully to assure a cancellation successfully.

Unsubscribing via Email

Cleverbridge often transmits subscription-related emails to its customers. If you cannot locate the direct option of cancellation on the website, check for any emails from Cleverbridge considering the subscription. Look for a link to unsubscribe in the email, which should authorize you to cancel the subscription instantly.

You can also send an email describing your issue. Click on Send an Email option and enter the information as required. Click on the field section where you need to enter the question. Pick the Cancel Future Subscription option. Mention the Order ID and tap on the Send button.

After completing the cancellation procedure, ensure to check for the confirmation text from Cleverbridge. This will conform as evidence that the cancellation proposal has been processed.

Keep an eye on the billing statements after cancellation to assure that your account is not being charged for the Cleverbridge service anymore. If any unforeseen expenses arise, reach out to the support team of Cleverbridge immediately and resolve the concern.

Once the subscription is canceled, no charges will be deducted automatically, but the organization won’t offer you the amount back for the remaining subscription period and so there are no prorated refunds on cancellation.

Important Considerations:-

  • Be conscious of any cancellation period of notice prescribed in the Cleverbridge subscription contract in order to dodge any unforeseen charges.
  • Ensure that the data is being retrieved related to the subscription before moving with the cancellation.


Canceling a subscription at Cleverbridge seems to be a simple procedure if you follow the right outlined steps. You can contact customer service on the phone, on the web, and through email. This page is literally for educational purposes and we are not advertising any of Cleverbridge’s services.

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