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How to Cancel a Covered California Plan? Is this the query you are concerned about then what is the wait for? We have a handbook prepared for you where you can find the cancelling procedure of the Covered California Plan,

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What is Covered California Plan

Covered California offers health insurance coverage to millions of people in California, guaranteeing access to healthcare services. However, life possibilities can reverse, and you might see yourself in a condition where the need arises to cancel the subscribed plan. 

There might be numerous reasons to cancel the Covered California Health Plan:-

  • Your existing plan because the rate is just out of the box and switching to a different plan is a headache.
  • You need to apply for Open Enrollment every year.
  • Forgot to take note of the account User ID and Password and now you cannot access the account.
  • Request the agent of a health insurance company and they process your request to reapply.

How do I cancel my Covered California Plan?

It’s important to cancel the existing plan in order to prevent auto-renewal of the plan that you subscribed for previously. 

Here are the steps involved in order to opt out of the Plan:

  1. Review the Policy:

    Before moving with the cancellation, take your time to check the current policy and understand the options.  Review the benefits, coverage, and penalties if any for cancelling. Moreover, analyze other insurance options for health functionality to assure you have convenient coverage once you cancel the Covered California plan.

  2. Contact Covered California Customer Service:

    Get in touch with the customer team to initiate the cancellation procedure. Call at the helpline number -1-800-300-1506 or log in to the account. Send a request to cancel the account. You will be asked to furnish your information related to the account so that the team might find it easier to assist with your problem.

  3. Follow the Cancellation Process:-

    Counting on the situation and the type of coverage your account holds, Covered California might need distinct documentation or forms to be finalized for the cancellation. Ensure to observe the instructions diligently and present any necessary paperwork instantly to dodge any uncertainties in the procedure.

  4. Check Cancellation Effective Date:

    During the process of cancellation, inquire about the effective cancellation date. Naturally, cancellations take effect at the end of the month in which you propose the request but make sure about the cancellation with Covered California to evade any voids in coverage.

  5. Notify Healthcare Providers:

    If you have forthcoming appointments or therapies scheduled, notify the providers about the cancellation of the plan. This assures a smooth transition and enables you to understand any possible expenses that are out of pocket.

  6. Confirm Cancellation:

    Once the cancellation is processed, request for the confirmation in written form from Covered California. Save the documentation for the records as evidence of the cancellation. This will be helpful if you experience any problems or queries regarding the previous coverage in the near future.

After the agent applied for a new application, wait for 3 to 5 working days to process the new applied application. Once done you can check that you are subscribed to one plan only.

The Covered California Plan offers a subsidy of 90 days as the grace period. This does not cancel the plan if you have not yet paid.

Blue Shield Grandfathered Plans Cancelled Covered California

Using Blue Shield will help you to pick the best and pocket-friendly coverage for customers, offering financial support if you are eligible, and getting aid with making coverage payments using Covered California.

The company also offers Dental Network Plan and if you wish to cancel contact customer support to receive assistance.


Cancelling the Covered California plan might not be easy, but following the steps outlined above enables the process to be more simple and efficient. Remember to review the options, understand the implications, and adhere to the required methods. Should you have any uncertainties or inquiries during the cancellation procedure, do not hesitate to reach Covered California’s customer and request to resolve the problem.

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