How to Cancel ShopRunner

If your ShopRunner cancellation process just stopped in the middle of the procedure, worry not, this page for canceling a Shoprunner subscription will back you up with the methods. To get the learnings, take a look at the handbook till the end.

A little note about what ShopRunner actually is: ShopRunner is a service where you need to enter into a paid subscription in order to acquire services. Members enjoy benefits like free 2-day shipping, returns, and exclusive discounts from different online merchandisers. While the service offered can be convenient for avid online customers, there might be a moment when you do not wish to continue the ShopRunner subscription. Whatever the reason it might be, the cancellation of the account is possible.

Can I cancel ShopRunner at any time?

Yes, cancellation of ShopRunner can be done at any time but follow the 30-day window and get free membership during the free trial. But if you fail to do so you will be asked to pay an amount of $79 for a year after the free trial ends.

There is no such term called monthly subscription for members of ShopRunner.

If you follow the terms, free returns will be allowed according to the Return Policy of ShopRunner.

Here are the steps involved in the cancellation of the ShopRunner free trial:-

  • Go to the Account.
  • Click the My Account option in the next step.
  • Pick My Info and then click on the Free Trial Cancel tab.
  • Now tap on Confirm. With this, the free trial can be canceled.

What are the Methods involved to cancel a ShopRunner Account

i) Online Cancellation using ShopRunner’s Website
ii) Contact Customer Support
iii) Cancel via Email

i) How to cancel ShopRunner Membership Online

The quickest and easiest way to cancel the ShopRunner account is by using the online option. You can do so by sitting in the comfort of your home and following a few of the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the ShopRunner website:

    Start by heading to the official ShopRunner page and log in to the account.

  2. Access the account settings:

    Proceed to the account settings, where you can check for the subscription details.

  3. Cancel subscription:

    Search for the option to cancel the membership. It might be marked as “Cancel Subscription”. Just follow the instructions to finish off the cancellation procedure.

  4. Confirmation:

    After successfully canceling the account, you will obtain a confirmation email. Keep this email for future records.

ii) Contact Customer Support for Cancellation 

  • Find customer support input:-

Locate the contact details of customer care on the ShopRunner webpage. You will find the data in the “Contact Us” or in some cases, you will see it in the “Help” section.

  • Contact customer support:-

Reach out to customer support using email and inform them of the intent to cancel the subscription and furnish any account information for assurance.

  • Follow the guidance:-

The customer support rep will lead the way through the cancellation procedure. They might inquire for more information to ascertain their identity before moving further.

  • Confirm:-

Similarly, in this method, you will obtain a confirmation email after successfully opting out of the subscription.

iii) How can I cancel my ShopRunner Account using Email

  • Go to the Email section and compose a message where you need to specify the reason for writing.
  • Next, send it to
  • In the subject, mention the request to cancel the subscription to ShopRunner.
  • Include the Email ID, Full Name, and Account ID in the body section.
  • State the reason in a clear manner so that one who decodes can easily understand and reach the customer in order to offer assistance.
  • Have patience and wait for the team to contact you to resolve the issue.


Canceling the ShopRunner subscription is a simple process. Just by going through the outlined methods, you can readily cancel the subscription online, through customer support, or by sending an email. Make sure to keep records of the confirmation emails you receive.

This guide is for providing knowledge to users who want to opt out of ShopRunner services. The content is not for any advertisement. Just to help out the users if they feel that paying the subscription without using the account services is a waste.

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