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Does CycleBar charge a late fee to users? If you find the membership bit pricey as you are not using the services anymore, the only option left is to get the subscription canceled. This article is for users who are floundering on how one can cancel a CycleBar subscription. What is the cancellation policy for CycleBar and so on is included on this page.

What is CycleBar cancellation policy?

CycleBar is an enormous indoor cycling studio that contributes high-energy training for fitness fanatics. Though you can be beneficial by entering into the membership still at some point you just wish to walk out of the membership. Whatever the reason for leaving or canceling the subscription choice is yours and the company also provides a cancellations option.

If you wish to check for CycleBar how it works, go for a trial period but do not forget to cancel before the end of the free trial.

CycleBar Class Cancellation Policy:-

The cancellation policy here is planned to fit out a fair system for both customers as well as the studio. It authorizes participants to ensure their spots in a class and assists the studio in getting along its resources efficiently. While the specifics might slightly vary from one locale to another, the core doctrines of the policy normally remain constant.

  • CycleBar typically carries out a booking and cancellation window. If you ought to cancel, you must do so within the given period to evade any penalties.
  • Fee for late cancellations refers to canceling of the class after the specified cancellation window has been enacted but prior to the class starting up. Late cancellations often result in a deduction from the class package or a separate fee is charged.
  • The fee for Cancellation might vary as per the terms and conditions. 

What are the methods to cancel CycleBar Membership

The company proposes the cancellation of CycleBar subscription Online but there are other modes involved to have the account canceled like visiting the studio offline or using the third-party option.

Can I cancel my CycleBar Membership Online?

Yes, you can surely opt out of the membership by making canceling request Online.

Before initiating the cancellation procedure, take a point to review the CycleBar membership pact. It’s important to apprehend any terms, conditions, and cancellation guidelines associated with the membership. This will work for your benefit avoiding any ambushes during the cancellation function.

  • The first step to cancel the membership is to contact the local CycleBar studio. The contact information will be available on the official website. Reach out to them for an in-person visit to inform them of the decision to cancel the membership.
  • When you connect to the CycleBar studio, be equipped to furnish essential information such as the full name, details of the membership, and reasons to cancel. This information will enable the studio to locate the account and move with the cancellation process.
  • Each CycleBar might have its own cancellation strategy. They might direct you to fill out a cancellation form, provide a written notice, or observe a specific timeline. Ensure to listen to the instructions carefully to confirm a successful cancellation.
  • If the current membership incorporates an access card, you need to return it upon cancellation. This is to deter any unauthorized admission to the studio facilities after the membership has been discontinued.
  • After completion of the cancellation procedure, inquire of the CycleBar studio to equip you with a confirmation email assuring the cancellation. This assurance should contain the date once the membership will end officially. Keep this copy for future records.
  • Monitor the billing statements in order to assure that you are not being charged for the CycleBar class subscription after cancellation. If you notice any disparities, communicate with the studio directly to address the problem.

Here are the simple steps involved to cancel CycleBar online:-

  • Sign in using the webpage of the CycleBar account.
  • Next, tap on Account Settings and search for the Membership Cancellation option.
  • Go through the terms and policies before proceeding to cancel the account.
  • Now, click on the Confirm tab and after some time you will receive the message that the account is being canceled.

Canceling the membership at CycleBar by visiting the studio in person

Visit the local studio to opt out of the membership. Talk to the staff in charge and clearly mention the reason to cancel the membership. You can also clarify your doubts regarding the process of cancellation during the visit.

In case the contract is acquired from a third-party vendor, the cancellation procedure is followed under the rules set by the third party. Initially, the notice should reach the vendor 30 days before the end of the billing cycle.

Note: No termination fee is charged on cancellation but be sure to notify that you wish to cancel the membership at least one day ahead of the upcoming billing cycle.


Hoping this guide will help you to cancel the account without facing any difficulty. Just by following the stages outlined in this guide, you can navigate the procedure smoothly. Remember to review the membership agreement, and provide necessary information, adhering to the cancellation procedure. With careful concentration on a minute detail, you can successfully cancel the membership and proceed forward with the fitness journey.

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