How to cancel Optimum Service

When you pay for an internet service your expectations are a bit high because you paid for it and want to enjoy error-free services. So, is the internet service offered by Optimum? If you have the subscription and wish to cancel the account because of a failed internet service, you are on the right track to get your queries cleared on cancellation.

What is Optimum Service Cancellation

Optimum offers services like cable TV, Internet, and much more. You can purchase the internet service by picking any of the reasonable plans. You will also receive other services like home phone and mobile from the company and fetch internet access.

How do I cancel Optimum but keep the Internet?

The cancellation process might be tricky but still, you can make a request for cancelling the service. When you purchase internet plans you can enjoy HBO MAX ad-free channels for 

as per package. If you cancel Optimum cable, HBO MAX is likely to get canceled.

If you feel that you do not wish to cancel the subscription then:-

  • Put the service to a halt for a few days
  • Moving to a different location, make a request to the previous provider if the service is possible in the new location.
  • You will find the option to downgrade or upgrade your recent plan
  • Transfer of the ownership

In case you are still willing to cancel the internet service, you can do so by contacting the customer team of Optimum and asking them to cancel it.

The product purchased from a store does not cancel the service but accepts the equipment returned due to cancellation. There are no services available online to seek assistance in order to cancel the Optimum Service.

i) Get in contact with Customer Support Service Number

The only option available to cancel the Optimum Internet Service is by calling customer service over the phone. Dial at -855-276-5255 and generate a cancellation. The rep will assist you to complete the process. Be ready with all your necessary account details handy so that you can furnish them when asked. Do not forget to ask for the confirmation message after the completion of the cancellation procedure.

ii) Head to Optimum Store

You can visit the store and request to cancel Optimum Internet Service. Carry essential documents and present them before the staff in charge. The process of cancellation might take some time to complete but the rep will try their best to assist you with your problem. Also, carry the equipment along with you in order to avoid any payment charges.

iii) Write a letter requesting Optimum service cancellation

If you want to convey your problem in writing you can surely write a letter mentioning the issue you are facing and information about the account needs to be included. Also, inquire about the confirmation mail regarding the cancellation.

iv) Online Chat

Usually, this option is not available because of heavy customer traffic, and takes much time to contact human customer support. You need to visit the website and tap the Chat option and register your query online.

v) Return the Equipment

Suppose, a phone number is linked with the internet service, you need to port the number prior to canceling the service. Also, return the equipment that came with the provider in order to avoid any extra charges. Pack them in a box and paste the shipping label on the top of the box. After that, using the FedEx option you can send the product to the required destination. You will have 14 days to return the product and you need to abide by the rules stated under Optimum Service Cancellation.

If you still feel what will happen on canceling Optimum Service, you will not be required to pay for the service plans anymore. But make sure to return the equipment so that you do not have to pay any fees. Contact Customer Support to assist you to resolve the queries you are facing or visit the store nearby. You cannot access TV, Phone, and Internet Services under Optimum upon cancellation.

In some instances, if you want to change the plan rather than cancel it, try calling -866-347-4784. Users within New Jersey or Connecticut visit the online webpage or 


Canceling the Optimum Internet service does not have to be a problematic or frustrating experience. By following the above methods, you can smoothly navigate the cancellation procedure and assure that the request is correctly documented. Whether you choose to contact customer service, use online chat support, visit a local store, or send a written request, make sure to save records of all contact and confirmations for further reference.

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