How to Cancel OneLife Fitness Membership

Can I cancel my OneLife Fitness Membership? You might be searching for ways to cancel the membership that you don’t remember when you last used the service. Cancellation of the subscription is possible and in this article, we are backing you with this simple guide so that you can opt out of the subscription.

OneLife Fitness delivers a spectrum of healthiness services to its members, as circumstances might change, and you might find yourself having to cancel the subscription. Whether you are relocating, or merely due to financial restrictions, canceling the membership is the only option.

What is the cancellation policy for OneLife Fitness

The company follows a strict policy on cancellation:-

  • There is no static time to cancel the membership.
  • Request for cancellation one month before the billing cycle regenerates.
  • As soon as the Commitment period ends the membership also comes to an end.

Also, ensure before initiating the cancellation procedure, take the time to examine or reconsider the contract terms made on the membership agreement. Apprehend the terms and ailments associated with canceling the OneLife Fitness subscription. This will enable you to figure out any payments, notice periods, or additional requirements you ought to meet.

Most gym memberships, including OneLife Fitness, require a distinct notice period prior to cancellation. This period could be a month, or even longer. Scan the membership agreement to find out the precise duration of the cancellation term.

How do I cancel My membership in OneLife Fitness? 

Canceling the membership of OneLife Fitness is possible at any moment. The company does not have a renewal system so opting out of the subscription is quite possible without concern about being charged.

Membership cancellation is not accepted via email, phone, or by visiting local clubs. You need to deliver a notice to cancel the subscription before the billing cycle generates.

You can after that proceed to initiate the cancellation process, once the notice gets approved.

In this process, you will be asked to fill up the form. Mention your Name in Full, Email, Contact Number, Pick the Club, and complete with Human Verification. Next, check the entered details and tap on the Submit tab. The team will process the cancellation. Do not forget to ask for a cancellation confirmation message approving the same.

Canceling the membership at OneLife Fitness manually

  • Select and pick your club from the Location Page.
  • Use your ZIP code or type the state name
  • Visit the Local Club, if you are from Virginia cancel the membership by visiting OneLife Fitness.
  • Next, search for the phone number, email, or address to reach to them.

How to cancel OneLife Fitness Subscription Reddit

Reaching out to the OneLife Fitness customer team to initiate the cancellation process is indeed a good thought to get your work done as soon as possible. You can generally find the contact data on the official web page. Calling the customer service number or visiting the local gym in person are typical manners to commence the cancellation procedure.

When you contact customer assistance, inquire about the specific techniques for canceling the membership. They may instruct you to fill out a form, deliver a written notice, or furnish certain information to verify your identity.

Some gym memberships, including OneLife Fitness, might have fees on cancellation associated with ending the contract before its designated phase. Assess the membership pact to comprehend if any expenses apply and how much they might be.

In some instances, OneLife Fitness might direct you to provide written assurance of the cancellation request using the email option.

After initiating the cancellation procedure, keep an eye on the bank statements or bills to guarantee that you are no longer being charged for the membership. If you persist to be charged after the cancellation is presumed to take effect, contact customer service directly to resolve the matter.

OneLife Fitness subscription also has the option to freeze the account for 1 to 3 months by paying 5 euros each month. In case the direct debit option initiates, you cannot freeze the account.


Canceling the OneLife Fitness membership is an undertaking that demands thorough concentration to attribute and adherence to the specific cancellation methods. By reviewing the membership contract, understanding the cancellation terms, and obeying the essential phases, you can successfully cancel the membership moving forward with the fitness journey. Make sure to converse directly with the OneLife Fitness customer team to address any problems or inquiries you may have during the cancellation procedure.

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