How to Cancel Pure Barre Membership

When you barely use the Pure Barre account, but still pay the subscription monthly or annually. The services did not fulfill your objectives as you expected while registering for the account. In such situations, it’s important to check on the cancellation policy. Understanding the cancellation policy will make the task easier for you to opt out of the subscription. On this page, we will talk about canceling the membership at Pure Barre to resolve your problems.

Before we move further let’s have a brief on Pure Barre:-

A popular center that offers fitness services that have high intensity, low impact workouts blending elements of ballet, Pilates, and muscle training. If you are once subscribed to a membership to get effective results from the Pure Barre classes but circumstances deny it indulges to cancel the service.

The request for canceling the membership is done by submitting the request and observing the instructions.

Pure Barre Membership Cancellation Policy

You can try the free trial period but make sure to cancel it before the end of the period. In case you fail to cancel the service, the cancellation will be processed after the billing month ends.

The subscription can be frozen for a year by entering into the account from the webpage.

During Pure Barre membership if the member does not present before class initiates, you will have to pay a penny of $20.

Late cancellation of Pure Barre Membership as per policy, $15 will be charged. You will be required to cancel the subscription in a period of 4 hours from the time the class initiates.

The policy does not refund any amount after cancellation. To cancel the account before your next billing regenerates.

What are the methods to cancel Pure Barre Go Membership

Pure Barre cancellation relies on the center from where the form was purchased. You need to visit the store to cancel if you fill-up the form at the store. You selected the Third Party option to have the purchases, cancellation will also be processed through them. Online registrations follow up in the same manner to cancel the account membership.

Before moving on to canceling the account, you need to check the agreement to be thorough with the terms to have a better understanding of the policies.

Pure Barre Cancellation Online

Pure Barre strives to offer convenience to its members, and one of the methods of cancellation is through an online portal.

  1. Head to the webpage and log in using account credentials.
  2. Navigate to the section “My Account”.
  3. Click the link Please Submit Your Information and include the details required and pick the Cancel Membership option.
  4. Now, deliver the form, submitting the request for cancellation.

Pure Barre In-Person Cancellation

If you like a more confidential manner, you can visit the local Pure Barre center to cancel the membership in person. 

  • Search for the nearest Pure Barre at the locale.
  • Visit during the operating hours, request staff to cancel the membership.
  • Complete any essential paperwork or forms as you are asked to do so.

Membership of Pure Barre cancellation using Contact Customer Support

Pure Barre also delivers customer support for queries related to membership. If you are unable to cancel the membership online or in person, you can take the help of the customer support team using social media platforms. Mostly you can tweet using the Twitter account. Write the query and they will surely assist you to resolve the problem.

Also, keep an eye on the bank or credit card statements to assure that you are no longer being charged for the membership.


Canceling the membership at Pure Barre is a manageable process with several methods known to suit your priorities. Whether you prefer canceling online, in person, or using the customer support option, following the outlined steps and tips will alleviate to navigate the cancellation process smoothly.

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