How to cancel YouFit Membership

Need guidance to cancel the membership of YouFit? All your concerns and queries will be answered through this guide. So continue to read it till the bottom of this page.

When you decide to discontinue the services offered by YouFit with whatever issues you might be facing, opting out of the subscription is the only option, mainly understanding the cancellation policy. Let’s see what cancellation policy is garnered by YouFit for its customers.

Having a fit body is everyone’s dream and so nowadays you can find different gyms that offer better services but with a price. YouFit is one such with different services. As per the cancellation policy, there is no fixed time to cancel the account subscription.

The fees will be incurred depending on the gym subscription that you acquired.

It’s always important to go through the membership contract and understand the conditions applied to the particular subscription. Take a look at any fees associated with cancellation, and the notice period This data will enable you to plan the cancellation procedure effectively.

Collect all appropriate pieces pertaining to the membership, such as membership ID, contact info, and the date you initiated the membership. Having this information readily obtainable will streamline the cancellation process.

You can also freeze the account for 2 to 3 months. Have a visit to the gym and submit by filling up a freezing form or delivering mail to customer support.

What are the methods applicable for YouFit membership cancellation

Visit the gym at your locale or send a mail requesting cancellation of the subscription.

Cancelling the subscription in person at YouFit

The initial step you can take by picking the option to visit the club at the nearest. Search the web or in case you have acquired the club membership from the studio, give it a visit and do the following.

You will be asked to fill up a form. Include all related information as stated in the form. Handover the form to the respective team members that are handling the cancellation procedure.

The agreement also speaks about the fee for cancellation. Pay $10 and make sure to notify 10 days prior to the billing cycle generation that you wish to have the account canceled. If any outstanding balances, you need to clear them off. Do not forget to request proof of cancellation from the team for future reference.

Cancel of YouFit subscription over the Mail

If you do not wish to visit the gym center, you can send a letter to the YouFit team.

  1. Compose a mail or email mentioning your name in full, billing date, credit or debit card last 3 digit numbers, date of birth, account ID, what is the reason for canceling the account.
  2. Mention the money order if you have outstanding balances and include the fee required for cancellation.
  3. Now, deliver the mail to the given address –
    4032 W. Hillsboro Blvd,
    Deerfield Beach,
    FL 33442

Can I cancel my YouFit Membership Account Online

Cancel the account of YouFit by delivering a cancellation request to As the team receives the email, they will process your request and cancel the account.

In case you still face issues with canceling the membership you can take help from the customer team. Reach out to YouFit’s customer support over the phone or email to initiate the cancellation procedure. Be prepared to equip the necessary information ask the customer service reps for guidance on the cancellation strategy and raise a question about any cancellation forms or documentation mandated.

  • Dial -888-968-3481 to customer service at YouFit.
  • Fill out the form YouFit Contact Us Form and tap the Submit option.
  • Also, you can click the Live Chat option available on the Contact Page.


Canceling a gym membership is an ordinary decision that many individuals make for varied reasons. If you are a member of YouFit and are evaluating canceling the membership, it’s crucial to comprehend the method and steps involved. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to cancel the YouFit membership without much difficulty. Ensure to keep all communication and documentation associated with the cancellation for the records.

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