How to cancel HughesNet

Not satisfied with the HughesNet Internet service? Thinking of canceling HughesNet?

So whichever the reason might be if one feels the need for HughesNet cancellation then this guide will surely be a help for you.

HughesNet is a satellite internet service provider and asserts the service to deliver at an affordable price to its customers. Customers can locate reasonable and preferable services and plans that are obtainable in the residential regions and connect various devices for achieving high-speed internet. 

How to cancel HughesNet online:

HughesNet does not provide any online mode to cancel Hughesnet online. So the only option to cancel HughesNet is to reach out to the HughesNet Customer Support department and make a request to the team for HughesNet to cancel service.

How do I cancel HughesNet:

According to HughesNet cancellation policy, customers can cancel HughesNet service easily by getting in touch with the HughesNet customer service cancellation team.

How to cancel HughesNet Internet:

Go through the below method and follow the steps to accomplish the subscription cancellation procedure.

Step 1:- Call HughesNet cancellation number by dialing at (866) 347-3292 to cancel the service.

Step 2:- It will connect you to the agent. Talk to them requesting for HughesNet to cancel the service

Step 3:- State the cancellation reason when asked by the agent.

Step 4:- In the next step, make sure to furnish the personal details and the information related to the service that may be further required at the time of canceling the subscription.

Step 5:- Ask if there is any cancellation fee.

Step 6:- Lastly make sure to get a confirmation on cancellation of the membership through email or phone number.

How do I Return HughesNet Equipment?

On canceling the HughesNet subscription, customers are mandated to return the equipment that was furnished at the time of purchasing the HughesNet service. If unable to do so, then the service may charge you for not being able to return the equipment. 

A return kit will be sent to you, which can be used to return the HughesNet

equipment. HughesNet service kit may comprise a box, UPS packing slip, a return label, tapes, HughesNet modem, radio, and power supply.

One can even read the instructions on returns mentioned in the kit and go for the equipment packaging in the instructed manner.

Once it is done, send the packed items to the nearby UPS location, also make sure that it reaches the concerned location.

How much does it cost to cancel HughesNet:

On purchasing the HughesNet internet service, a customer enters in a 24-month affirmation. But if one decides to cancel the subscription before this period gets over, in such cases an amount of total $400, as an early HughesNet cancellation fee will be charged from the customers.

How to cancel HughesNet without a cancellation fee:

For how to cancel HughesNet without fees, customers need to cancel the service before installation. No cancellation fee will be charged if one cancels the subscription within the initial 30 days from service activation. Yet, the charges on installation or any other charges may not be refundable.

Bottom Lines:

HughesNet internet service is a fair choice for the ones looking for satellite internet service. Yet, if the experience with it is not good and they do not feel the need to use it then customers can go for HughesNet cancel subscription by simply following the aforesaid method.

For any further queries, it is recommended to contact the Customer Support team over the phone, email, or live chat option for guidance.

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