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Fetch authorized the name Petplan and later on, changed to Fetch by Dodo in the midst of 2022. If you browse through the web, you will find Fetch has placed its name as the largest U.S. company for pet insurance. Relying on the name the coverage offered is comprehensive. There are also other pet insurances that were on the run as competitors to Fetch Pet Insurance.

Fetch offers the best plan on insurance so that you can get better veterinary care. Customers are quite impressed with the plans but still, some do not receive the service as expected. So if you have already subscribed to Fetch Pet Insurance and now you do not like to proceed with the plan then this platform will guide you with the ways to cancel the pet insurance.

How Fetch Pet Insurance Functions

The following ways you can claim your Fetch Pet Insurance:-

  • Once you have bought the insurance, you can utilize a vet in Canada or US because Fetch insurance covers specialists as well as emergency clinics.
  • You can just claim the insurance in minutes. Take a photo of the medical records followed by answering some of the questions and the rest will be taken care of by the company.
  • At times when your claim is approved, 90 percent of direct payment of the vet bill will be availed within 2 business days.

Can I cancel the Pet Insurance of Fetch? 

Yes, you can cancel the insurance of Fetch. The plan here does not provide a discount option for multi-pet. If you check the reviews you will find that policyholders complain about not being provided with cover till there is no updation of medical records. You need to take your pet for a check-up and furnish the record in order to apply for coverage. After claiming for coverage, still the company makes you wait up to 22 days to get the money. The company does not provide any wellness plan for your pet.

There is a list of waiting periods on Fetch:-

  • Illness – 15 days
  • Cruciates and Patellas – 6 months. In this case, if the vet analyzes your pet in the given period i.e. 30 days and the vet notes that there is no problem with the knee.
  • Accidents – 15 days
  • Hip Dysplasia – 6 months

The cost of Fetch for insurance comes with a monthly premium: deductible, payout, and reimbursement options. Usually, the pricing relies on the pet you have.

Customers purchase the Fetch Insurance policy to safeguard their pets from accidents or ailments. But when you no longer want the insurance coverage, this might be tricky for them to opt out of the policy. Let’s have a look at the canceling procedure so that you can complete the process without hassle.

The steps of instructions to cancel the insurance of Fetch are as follows:

  1. Check the Policy:

    It’s important to look at the policy thoroughly in the first case. You need to ascertain that the conditions in the policy are known to you as well as the cancellation strategy. Fetch insurance is the annual contract and on canceling the policy prior to the end term, you are required to be levied with the penalty fee.

  2. Reach out to the Fetch Support Team:

    You have to check the terms and conditions in the first step. Now, you need to reach to customer service to make a request for cancellation of the insurance plan.

    Dial at -1-866-467-3875 weekdays from 9 am – 6 pm. Provide all your details related to your insurance requesting to cancel the Fetch pet insurance.

  3. Verify the Cancellation Details:

    Customer service advises you with the instructions to cancel the policy over the call. You need to fill up a form for cancellation or put up a notice in writing or contact Fetch customer support. Verify the date of cancellation, refund if any, and fees on early canceling.

  4. Look into and complete the process:

    You have requested to cancel the policy and also verified the same. Now, check whether the process was dealt with fairly. Go to the billing section and look at the statement if any charges are brought in.

By following the simple steps if you are still in a state of worry then here are the simple steps to carry on cancelling the policy:-

  • Fetch has an app, tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the Me tab.
  • After that, scroll and click on the Help Center option.
  • Choose the Delete tab or Deactivate Account tab.
  • Now, fill up the form available on-site and submit the request for deletion of the account.

Some methods that are also available to contact customer support:-

  • The Fetch website has a Chat option where you can talk with a bot and it answers your queries 24*7.
  • Service-related call -1-866-467-3875 and sales-related dial -1-866-984-0104 on weekdays and weekends.
  • Compose the email and send it to
  • You can also pick the mail option and deliver to the Address –
    PO Box 1489, 
    IL 60440 


Pet Insurance covers the health of your beloved pet to avail them of extra care. This plan comes with a monthly or annual premium. If the plan selected is not suitable then you have to cancel the policy leaving you frustrated. So, be careful before choosing any Pet Insurance, or else you will end up canceling them.

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