How to Cancel Meesho Order

Today’s article is for shoppers who are in dilemma of cancelling the Meesho Order. Purchasing is not just a need but also makes the mind fresh in most cases. Meesho provides items at discount prices from time to time and this leads to the arising of the problem. The item you ordered is now at a much less price so you wish to have the order cancelled.  We through this passage will help and guide you by showing you the correct track for cancelling your order.

Meesho is a popular brand with reasonable prices compared to other online shopping outlets. From clothing, footwear to essential needs everything can be shopped on this platform. Returns are also allotted if the item is not per your expectation or received a defective item.

You can purchase items at Meesho online and the mobile app. Not only this, you can become a seller using the Meesho application. Like any other app, Meesho also guides you to track your product, maintain the payments, status of the product and many more. The company manages customer’s accounts and is ready to assist in order to solve their problem.

Can I Cancel My Meesho Order

Yes, you can cancel your orders at Meesho. The company offers different methods for customers in which they are comfortable with or easy way to reach the customer team to resolve the queries.

Here are the methods Meesho has approved for customers:-

  • Contact through Mobile App
  • Customer Support Number
  • Email
  • Twitter

Let’s have a look at the methods precisely.

How to cancel Orders at Meesho on the App

If you regret buying something you can indeed cancel the product but ensure that the product is not yet shipped.

The steps involved to get through the cancellation procedure on Meesho App:-

  1. Go to the App and tap on it to open.
  2. Next, visit the Orders section to check the item that you want to cancel.
  3. After that, click on Cancel option.
  4. Now, pick the reason from the available list.
  5. Tap on Cancel Product.
  6. As soon as you click on Cancel, Meesho will send you the confirmation message.

Contact Customer Service at the Number to cancel Meesho Order

Meesho has its contact number for customers to assist you when expected. In case, the order tis shipped, still you can call at the customer service and request to cancel the order.

  1. Dial at -91-8061799600 and wait for rep to answer your call.
  2. Provide your account information and the details of the order. This will be helpful for the support team to analyze your issue with the order.
  3. Make the request to cancel the product by tapping on the Contact Us tab or via App

Cancel Meesho Orders through Email

If you do not find the above options effective, you can write an Email describing how to cancel the Meesho Order. This time your call might be heard if you are lucky enough.

You will get the email address on the app. Click on it and you will be directed to the Email section. Now compose an email where you have to mention the details of your order, reference ID and the product, making it easier to look at the product to be cancelled.  Composing the email sent to If the cancellation is confirmed you will be notified over email. 

How to cancel Meesh Orders at Twitter Account

If you are a regular shopper at Meesho but this is the first time you have to cancel the product. You can tweet using the Twitter option. You need to provide orders related information and also submit the Email Address for further queries. The team will assist you by responding promptly. 

Obeying the above instructions, hope you can cancel the Meesho Order. On accepting the product you can get your refunds approved in the original mode of. Items tagged as non-returnable no refunds will be allotted.

If you want the order to get cancelled make sure to opt out before the shipment. No cancellation charges involved if the product is cancelled before or after shipment. You can also reject the product at your doorstep and no penalty is charged. If your seller does not deliver the product on time, the company still cannot charge them because there might be genuine reasons for late delivery. In such situations you can cancel the product without being charged.

How do I cancel my Order at Meesho After Shipped

Cheap deals at Meesho that attract customers to purchase and in a hassle you might take up the wrong product. At time you realize, the order is already shipped. The problem here is you might face difficulties cancelling orders.

Normally the process of cancellation is followed in this manner:-

  • First, click on the Meesho App.
  • Then, tap on the Orders section.
  • Select the Order that you wish to cancel.
  • Tap on the Cancel Order option.
  • Pick the reason from the available list and describe in detail.
  • Tap on the option “Cancel Product” and complete the procedure.

Another way to reach the customer team is by dialling at service number and requesting them to cancel the product.

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