How To Cancel Green Chef Subscription,

How To Cancel Green Chef Subscription Online And Via The App | Step-By-Step

Do you have a Green Chef subscription that you want to cancel? This is the right page to make you understand how cancellation can be processed. Whether you have determined to explore other meal kit options, your dietary priorities have altered, or you simply wish for a break, all have been included in this guide.

Green Chef Cancellation Policy

It’s important to review Green Chef’s cancellation policy before proceeding. Be aware of any cancellation fees, notice periods, or specific terms related to the subscription type. Green Chef intends to provide transparency in the policies, so you can make an informed conclusion.

Green Chef proposes various subscription options. Make sure you understand the specific subscription type and cancellation terms. Subscriptions can comprise weekly plans, family plans, or specialized dietary programs. Canceling may affect the delivery schedule as per the cancellation policy.

At Green Chef, the circumstances might change, and you might be required to cancel the meal kit subscription or skip a week of deliveries.

In order to cancel the Green Chef subscription, you must do so before the weekly deadline. This deadline is generally set a few days before the scheduled delivery date.

To find the specific cancellation deadline, get into the page by logging in to the Green Chef account and head to the “Manage Account” tab. You can see the deadline will be revealed there.

Green Chef delivers flexibility in its subscription programs, allowing you to modify the meal preferences, delivery frequency, and the number of servings in each order to facilitate according to your needs.

How do I Cancel my Green Chef Subscription

You can generally cancel the account subscription of Green Chef at any time. Green Chef provides flexibility, permitting you to pause, skip, or cancel the subscription as required. Keep in mind that if you have prepaid for several weeks, you might have to complete those deliveries before the cancellation takes effect.

The company offers cancellation options online and via the app.

Cancelling Green Chef Subscription Account Online

Cancellations can be done through the online Green Chef account. 

  • Go to the “Manage Account” option.
  • Find the option to “Cancel Subscription” and tap on it.
  • Follow the instructions displayed and complete the cancellation process.

Cancel Green Chef Membership in the App

If you prefer utilizing the Green Chef mobile app, you can cancel the subscription:-

  • Open the Green Chef app and log in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the Account Settings option.
  • Search for the option “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions to cancel the membership of Green Chef Account.

If you do not want to cancel the Green Chef subscription entirely but need to skip a week, you can smoothly do so before the date of cancellation. This authorizes you to continue the subscription at a future date without losing the account information.

Green Chef offers a membership program called “Green Chef Plus,” which equips additional usefulness. If you like to cancel the Green Chef Plus membership, the same cancellation steps will be followed as for a regular subscription.

If you encounter any complications or have queries about canceling, the customer support team is available to assist you. Dial -720-728-0959 over the phone or send an email to

In case you cancel the subscription before the deadline, no charge will be included for future deliveries. Green Chef does not deliver refunds for cancellations made after the deadline, as ingredients are normally already prepared and packed for delivery.


Canceling a Green Chef subscription is not difficult if done by following the steps mentioned above. Check the specific subscription details and the cancellation policy to ensure a seamless cancellation understanding. If you have any questions or encounter issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Green Chef’s customer support for aid.

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