Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Cancellation

Healthy Paws provides insurance so that you can take care of the pets giving them the medical treatment they require. Not only this but Healthy Paws also offers a helping hand to animal rescue organizations. Dog insurance and cat insurance include illness, accidents, cancer, genetic, emergency care, breed-specific conditions, hereditary conditions, and others.

But if your pet is no more or you do not find the insurance suitable then you can opt to cancel Healthy Paw Pet Insurance.

Cancellation Policy Healthy Paws Pet Insurance 

In order to cancel the Healthy Pet Club Membership you need to be the holder of the policy i.e. “Pet Parent” available on the Declarations Page.

You can make the request for canceling the Healthy Pets Plus Insurance, there are different ways like fax, email, mail, or on phone.

Send the email to and mention the name, pet’s name, policy number, date of cancellation, and reason.

The request is to be made within 30 days of purchasing the policy. Make sure you have not yet claimed the insurance till now. The insurance plan will be canceled and a refund will be approved. Countries like South Carolina, New York, and Pennsylvania are eligible for refunds.

If you have queries, you need to ask before requesting any cancellation. After canceling the membership you cannot reach the Customer Support Team.

Call 1-855-898-8991 and request for the Healthy Pet Club to cancel. Mention details related to the current plan you have subscribed to.

How do I cancel Pet Insurance Healthy Paws?

If you are getting a much better plan compared to your previous policy, you will be required to eliminate the previous subscription. We have already mentioned the methods you can select to cancel the Healthy Paw Insurance.

Having the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance plan provides coverage without limit on per incident, payouts claiming, annual or lifetime insurance payout. In case you have just linked with Healthy Paw with the Insurance Plan, you can still treat your pet if met with an accident or any illness, and all the bills in the veterinary also be included in the plan.

If you are one who does not wish to remain in the Healthy Paw Insurance Subscription follow the below instructions.

You can click the link at and go to the webpage to cancel the Healthy Paw Pet Insurance as cited in the Cancellation Policy.

You can also follow up with the Pet Insurance Cancellation with Healthy Paws on the phone:-

  1. Dial 855-898-8991 to get in touch with customer service.
  2. Once the call is answered, request them to cancel the club membership.
  3. They might try convincing you to keep the subscription.
  4. Request to cancel the insurance policy and the recurring clearance. 
  5. Follow the instructions asked by the representative. Provide the required details and at last, Confirm the cancellation procedure.
  6. You will be notified with the cancellation message.


Cancel Pet Insurance Healthy Paws Number

Ring 855-898-8991 to reach the customer team and make cancellation requests.

Cancel Healthy Pet Club

You can cancel the subscription over the phone at 01379 671800 or compose an email at

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