How to cancel Mozy

Mozy offers backup services online for Mac and Windows users making it easier for them to store important files before eliminating them. Mozy has three products – MozyPro, MozyHome, and MozyEnterprise.

MozyHome includes the Mozy backup with a subscription plan monthly offering unlimited storage but later on closes the service and charges as the consumer uses the storage.

If you are using the MozyPro or MozyHome and now you do not find the service satisfactory then you can cancel the Mozy account.

How do I cancel my MozyHome Subscription:

If Mozy fails to gain your trust you can possibly get ways to overcome it by clearing the account from the device. The following instructions will lead you to cancel the account:

  1. It’s important to uninstall the software in the first case. You need to remove the MozyBackup Software.
  2. Go to the Mozy account and log in using the account credentials.
  3. As the page opens up, tap on the ‘Manage Account’ option from the menu.
  4. Choose the option ‘My Profile.
  5. Moving to the next step, tap on the ‘Delete account’ option.
  6. The screen pops up to enter the account password. Just type the password correctly and this confirms the deletion.

If still the account does not delete from the device try reaching out at 866-789-6699 on the phone.

You can also compose an email to the site at requesting to remove the account. Provide the necessary info this will be helpful for the representative to proceed with your cancellation request.

Can I Cancel MozyPro:

The answer is probably “No”. Because you cannot cancel MozyPro online as you do for a MozyHome account. You need to reach agents over the phone at 1-877-669-9776 in order to ask them to cancel the account. Go through the instructions on how the rep would ask you to perform so that by following it you can eliminate the MozyPro account.

How do I cancel MozyBackup:

You are required to uninstall MozyBackup if you want to remove it completely from the device. There are different ways to eliminate MozyBackup and we will list some of them to help out users.

  1. Program and Features to uninstall MozyBackup:
    • Tap on the Start button, in the Search box mention, uninstall a program.
    • Now select, Uninstall a Program from the list.
    • You can also select WinX and tap the Programs and Features option.
    • Now search for Uninstall option and start the uninstallation.
  2. Cancel MozyBackup using a third-party Uninstaller.
  3. Antivirus can help you to uninstall MozyBackup.
  4. Uninstall Command can guide you to remove MozyBackup.
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