How To Cancel Membership At Housinglist.Com

Are you done with your Housinglist.Com membership and do not feel the need to use it anymore? Then the only thing that comes to mind is to cancel

The motto stated by is to deliver service to its members to get a satisfactory dream house of their own.

Whether one gets the desired house or whichever may be the reason if one desires to cancel the membership of then it can be achieved without much difficulty.

How to perform Cancel Membership

Members of can smoothly proceed to cancel the membership by following any of the methods offered by the company and it will be done.

Methods to Cancel the HousingList Membership

  1. Over Phone
  2. By sending an Email cancel Membership Over  Phone

Here are the steps on how to cancel HousingList via Call:

  • Dial the HousingList customer support phone number at 1-866-342-8753 to reach out to the representatives.
  • Request the desire to cancel the subscription. 
  • Deliver all the details that are related to the subscription account and also the cancellation reason if asked.
  • Lastly, make sure to ask about the confirmation mail on the registered email address or phone number.

Housinglist com cancel Membership through an Email

The steps to acquire for canceling via sending an Email are as follows:

  1.  Firstly write an email to the HousingList customer service team.
  2. In the subject field of the email, state ‘Cancel HousingList Subscription’.
  3. Now, request to cancel the membership account on
  4. Also, provide the information regarding the membership account for the representative to easily access the account along with the cancellation reason.
  5. Further, enquire to send an email of confirmation on successful cancellation of the membership for future records.

Bottom Lines:

The platform of ensures to guide with the home hunt process. On the other hand, if you have the subscription but do not have the desire to continue the account on subscription, then for such a case cancellation and at the same time making a refund request (if there is any) is the best of all.

One can move and select any of these aforesaid methods and thoroughly follow the steps to achieve the desired cancellation. For any such concerns, one can get in touch with the HousingList Customer Support team for help.

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