How to Cancel an Order on Poshmark

Poshmark is a popular online marketplace that allows individuals to buy and sell new or used clothing, accessories, and home products. Sometimes, circumstances may emerge where you ought to cancel a placed order on Poshmark. Whether it’s due to a change of mind, size issues, or other unforeseen possibilities, Poshmark delivers an effortless process for canceling orders. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to cancel an order on Poshmark, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free understanding.

Can I cancel the order at Poshmark?

Yes, Poshmark orders can be canceled within 3 hours of ordering. The purchases are accepted as final. You can also request the seller to eliminate the sale on your behalf. In case the item is not yet shipped in a period of 7 days.

The buyer with 3 hours in hand can be processed through the following manner: Visit my purchases on the app or via the website and pick the product to be canceled. Tap on the problems and click  “accidental purchase”.

If you wish to cancel a Poshmark order the steps are to be followed:

  1. Assess the Situation:

    Before canceling the order on the Poshmark account, take a moment to evaluate the reasons for cancellation. Consider whether you genuinely need to cancel the order, as cancellation can impact the vendor’s reputation and may lead to inconveniences. If you are ready with your thoughts, proceed to the next step.

  2. Locate the Order:

    In order to cancel an order, you first need to locate the order info. Open the Poshmark app or visit the web and navigate to the account. Find the order in question, which can typically be found in the “My Purchases” or “Order History” category.

  3. Generate the Cancellation:

    Click on the order to access the details of the order. Search for the “Problem with Order” or “Cancel Order” option and tap it. Poshmark will prompt you to pick a reason for cancellation from the list. Select the most appropriate reason that aligns with the situation.

  4. Communicate with the Seller:

    Poshmark encourages open communication between buyers and vendors. After initiating the cancellation, it is courteous to reach out to the seller to inform them of the decision. Use the “Comments” category of the order details section in order to mail a message to the seller, explaining the reason for cancellation and expressing your regret for any inconvenience caused.

  5. Await Confirmation:

    After canceling the order, patiently wait for their response. The seller will need to substantiate the cancellation, and you will receive a notification from Poshmark once this occurs. The cancellation process may take a short period, so dwell patients during this period.

  6. Review the Refund Options:

    If the cancellation is confirmed, Poshmark will process a refund. You have two refund options to choose from:

    1. You can opt for Poshmark Credits, which are financial credits applied to the Poshmark account. These credits can be used to make future purchases on the platform.

    2. You can alternatively select to accept a refund directly to the original payment mode. This refund may take a few business days to reflect in the statement.

  7. Follow Up if Needed:

    If there are any delays or issues with the cancellation or refund process, don’t think twice to reach out to Poshmark support. They retain a dutiful customer support team willing to attend to you. Contact Poshmark through the website or app, equipping all relevant order elements and an obvious justification of the problem you are encountering.

How to Cancel Poshmark Offer

Sales through offers are not recommended for cancellations. You can request the seller to cancel the sale, just text the seller and they can cancel the order without any fee charged.

If in case, the order is not shipped in 7 days, a notification will be mailed to the seller. But, Poshmark will surely cancel it after surpassing 21 days before the seller has not shipped.

Poshmark sellers can also cancel the order:-

  • If the item is not available
  • Listed the product as the wrong color or wrong size.
  • Items are lost or harmed.
  • The seller decides not to sell the item.


Canceling an order or offer on Poshmark might seem not like an easy task. So, this page is for those who wish to have the order canceled without being charged any penalty. If you have truly canceled the order, the refund will be offered through the method you choose to make payments.

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