How to Cancel Winc Membership

Can I cancel my Winc Membership at any time? If you are the one having the issue of canceling your Winc subscription, today’s content is what will solve your problem. Just go through the page till the end and get your queries clarified.

Winc is the favored wine subscription service delivering customized wine selections to your doorway. If you are planning to cancel the Winc membership for any reason, this handbook will deliver you with simple instructions on how to proceed with it. Whether you want to take a break from the service or explore other options, canceling the Winc subscription is an effortless process. 

How do I cancel my Winc Wine Account?

Do you know you can cancel the membership at Winc for whatever reason at any time? You are not required to pay any fees for cancellation.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete the process of Winc subscription cancellation successfully:

  1. Access the Winc Website:

    Open the web browser and navigate to the Winc website at
    Make sure you are logged into the Winc account using the User ID and password.

  2. Click on Account Settings:

    As you enter into the homepage, locate the account settings on the website. Search for the link that connects to your account. Tap on it to head to account settings.

  3. Step in Membership Section:

    Within the account settings, scroll to the membership section. You will find the option as “Membership,” “Subscription,” or similar to that. Tap on this category in order to manage the membership info.

  4. Review the Subscription Information:

    Here, you will discover particulars about the current subscription, including the type of membership, billing process, and other relevant data. Take an instant to examine this data and assure that you have all the vital facts about the membership.

  5. Cancel Membership:

    After that, search for the option that cancels the membership. Winc generally hands over a simple cancellation process. Click on the appropriate button or link whichever is available and initiate the cancellation.

  6. Reason for Cancellation:

    This step is optional but if you want to state any reason you can proceed with it. Relying on the cancellation procedure, the company might ask you to provide a reason for the cancellation.

  7. Confirm Cancellation:

    After specifying the cancellation option, Winc may prompt you to confirm the cancellation. Read through any notification or offers furnished on the cancellation page, and move with the cancellation procedure by confirming the determination.

  8. Follow Additional Steps:

    Winc might ask you to follow additional steps to finalize the cancellation procedure. These steps could include confirming the cancellation through email or providing any essential information. Make sure to complete all the required steps to finalize the cancellation.

  9. Verifying Cancellation:

    To ensure that the Winc subscription has been canceled successfully, you need to check the confirmation email. It is appropriate to keep a copy of the confirmation for further reference.

The Winc cancellation process is very simple but still, some might fail to cancel it. In such a case, you can visit the website and select the chat option using the Support option. They are available for customers on all weekdays and also on weekends.

You can also dial -855-282-5829 to get in touch with customer support directly. Connecting the call you can request the rep to cancel the subscription.

A point to keep in note is that before canceling the account you are requested to consider whether you desire to cancel or pause the Winc Account. You can pause the account 48 hours prior to the process of membership fees. If you are having a busy schedule or are away from home for some time you can choose the Skip a Month option rather than canceling the account.

Go to the Membership category and the options might vary relying on whether the account is on your mobile, desktop, or iOS app. 


Following the phases to cancel the Winc subscription, you can easily complete the cancellation process. Ensure to reconsider the cancellation policy and any associated charges before proceeding. If you encounter any difficulties you can check for the answer on Reddit as some might have the same issue as yours. It’s advisable to catch up with Winc’s customer support for assistance.

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