How to Cancel TuneIn Radio Premium Subscription

You all must have heard about and probably used the TuneIn radio app sometime or the other. This is a music streaming app where you can listen to free internet radio, and get daily news updates, sports updates, and various other podcasts on all your devices by syncing them through your Google Account, Apple Id, or even with your phone number to create a new account on the TuneIn app.

If you have also bought the premium of this audio streaming app and now wondering how to cancel your TuneIn radio subscription? You have come to the right spot.

In this article, you will get to know some quick and easy steps to cancel your TuneIn radio subscription. So without wasting much time let’s get into the solution.

Cancel on Android

If you are using an Android mobile and want to cancel your subscription from your mobile  then you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the Google Play app on your Android device.
  • Next, you have to sign in to your Google account.
  • Find the My subscriptions option present at the left of the window.
  • Tap and select the TuneIn radio app
  • Then choose the Manage tab and cancel your subscription.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation message, confirm it and this will complete the cancellation process.

Note: Here’s a point to remember even after canceling your membership, you can still use your account for the time you have already paid for.

Cancel on the iOS device

In the case of an iOS device, the following steps should be taken into consideration to cancel your TuneIn radio subscription:

  • Open settings options on your iOS device.
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  • Select the Subscriptions tab, and a list of your app subscriptions will appear.
  • Select the TuneIn Radio app from that list.
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription option, a confirmation message will appear afterward.
  • Select confirm and complete the cancellation process.

Cancel through Website

You can also cancel your TuneIn radio premium subscription through their official website which is Follow these steps to do so

  • First, you have to log into your TuneIn Radio Account using a user ID and Password.
  • Then go to the settings of the account through the My Account button.
  • Select the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  • Confirm your cancellation and you are good to go.

It should be noted that if you paid your subscription with iTunes or GooglePay, this method cannot be applicable. It is also important to note that each app store’s rules and regulations apply to all app subscriptions.

Cancel on Mac

To get a solution for your TuneIn radio subscription cancellation problem from a Mac Computer, You have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your mac computer and look for the Mac App Store.
  • Click on your account name mentioned in the sidebar.
  • Select the “View Information” tab present at the top of the screen and Sign in to your account.
  • A new page window will open. Then scroll down to find the subscription tab and then Click on Manage.
  • Here, as you want to cancel your TuneIn radio subscription, you have to select that option. You will find an “Edit” option just beside it, Click on it.
  • Then finally, choose the cancel subscription option and it is done. 

Cancel on the PayPal website

Here is the solution to your issue if you want to know how to cancel your TuneIn radio subscription through your PayPal account:

  • For this, first, you have to visit the official website of PayPal which is and log into your account using the required credentials.
  • You will find a Settings tab just next to the log out button, Click on settings.
  • Pick the “Payments” option from the next option. You’ll find a dashboard titled “Automatic Payments”.
  • Click on the Manage Automatic Payments from that dialogue box.
  • A list of all your transactions will appear. Then, to cancel your TuneIn subscription choose the name of the app and unsubscribe from it.
  • Then for the next step, you will find a Cancel Automatic Payments option.
  • Click on that option and your PayPal account will block automatic payments for that particular app.
  • Click on “Done” to complete the cancellation process.


It has been hoped that the solutions you were looking for have been fulfilled and you have found simple and easy ways to cancel or unsubscribe from the TuneIn radio premium. The above content was solely written for your assistance and hope that you got what you were looking for.

Now that you know how to easily cancel all the unwanted subscriptions you can enjoy and experiment with various services available on the internet. Feel free to comment down below for any suggestions or recommendations.

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