Iberia Airlines Cancelation Policy

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Discussed below is the overall information related to the Iberia Airlines cancellation policy that you must know to cancel the flight booking in a simple way.

Iberia Airlines flight cancellation policy

According to Iberia Airlines cancelation policy, one can cancel the flight and receive a refund as the conditions stated below:

  • Canceling the Iberia flight which runs to or from the U.S within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • The flight was canceled by the airlines and the passenger didn’t agree to catch the other option on the flight.
  • The booked flight has been postponed by more than five hours.
  • If the ticket purchased has the conditions which permit it to be eligible for a refund.
  • Death of close relatives ( parent, spouse, in-law or child)

Iberia Airlines Cancellation Policy Coronavirus and the Refund option

The Iberia Airlines Coronavirus cancellation policy, allows its customers to claim a refund in voucher form, in case the flight has been affected by the following situations for 15 days after the departure of the flight.

  • New regulations for entry are assigned at the destination.
  • Lockdown imposed at the destination or at the origin city may prevent you from traveling.

How do I cancel Iberia Airlines Flight

Iberia Airline’s cancellation policy allows its customers the simple and easy method to cancel the booked flight directly through the online method via its official website.

The steps to cancel the reservations on Iberia Airlines online are:

Step1: Visit the Iberia Airlines official website.

Step2: Next, hit the tab on ‘Booking management’ (which appears below the box of booking).

Step3: In the next step, enter the details below: Surname of the passenger, Booking Code number.

Step4: Now, tap the button on ‘Manage Your Booking’.

Step5: Finally, follow the instructions on your screen to choose the flight you need to cancel and then select the button on ‘Cancel’.

Once the cancellation has been done, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

The amount of refund will get credited to the account from which the ticket has been purchased depending on the type of fare and the cancellation time.


In case the flight has been booked through a third party like travel agents, on any other website, then you must contact directly to the respective team.

Iberia Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy

Cancellation policy Iberia Airlines states that if the ticket cancellation of the booked flight has been made within 24 hours from the booking period that runs to and from the U.S, then the Iberia Airlines cancellation fee is zero.

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