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Are you looking to cancel JetBlue bookings, you just stopped at the right page. Reading this blog will surely guide you to learn the various information related to JetBlue cancelation policy, the 24-hour cancellation policy Jet Blue, JetBlue blue fare cancellation policy, JetBlue Covid cancellation policy, its refund, and so on.

JetBlue cancellation policy Covid

The JetBlue cancel policy has modified the cancellation policy on flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So according to JetBlue Covid cancellation policy, customers can cancel the purchased flight ticket up to 7th June 2021 (it also includes non-refundable tickets) without any charges.

Under JetBlue Airways cancellation policy the tickets bought on or after 8th June 2021:-

  • JetBlue does not charge any cancellation fee on Blue, Blue Extra, Mint Fares, and Blue Plus if cancellation is done at least one day before the date of travel.
  • The Blue Basic fare includes the cancellation fee:
  • 100 USD for the flights flying within the Caribbean, United States, Central America, and Mexico.
  • For other flights, the fee will be 200 USD.

JetBlue Cancellation Policy 24 hours

According to JetBlue’s 24-hour cancellation policy: If the passenger books the flight ticket before 7 days or more from the date of departure, then they can cancel the ticket within 24 hours from the booking date.

JetBlue cancellation fee within 24 hours from booking charges zero fees. It applies to all ticket types and also to the non-refundable tickets except the JetBlue bookings on Vacations.

The 24-hour flight cancellation policy JetBlue allows canceling the flight ticket online on its website or on the Phone for the JetBlue free cancellation policy.

JetBlue cancels flight policy on Refundable Tickets

As per JetBlue Airlines’ cancellation policy, although the refundable flight tickets are a bit costlier, it has some extra flexibility. The cancellation policy JetBlue permits its passengers to cancel the refundable ticket and get the refund back fully in the original payment form as it was defied to receive the credit on travel in the case of the other ticket types.

Cancellation Fee JetBlue:

Under the new JetBlue cancellation fee policy, only the Blue Basic fare includes the fee on cancellation on or after 8th June 2021.

The fees are stated below:-

The flight runs within Central America, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean the cancellation fee for Jet Blue is 100 USD.

For the rest of the other routes, JetBlue’s cancellation fee is 200 USD.

How do you cancel JetBlue Flight Booking?

Following are the methods that JetBlue flight cancellation policy enables its passengers to cancel flight tickets.

  • Online: Through the official website, on the Mobile application.
  • Offline: visiting the ticket counter or dialing the call center.

Online: via Cancel JetBlue’s official website:

i. Go to the website

ii. Navigate to the section on ‘Manage Trips’.

iii. Next, retrieve the booking by entering the required information like the passenger’s last name, and ticket confirmation number.

iv. Then, choose the flight that you wish to cancel.

v. Further, follow the prompts on your screen to cancel the ticket successfully.

Under the cancellation policy of Jetblue Airlines, to cancel over the phone, one can dial +1-866-399-0587. Talk to its representative about canceling the flight ticket. State the reason (if required) and ask for a refund if eligible.

If tickets are bought from the travel agent, then you need to contact the team directly.

JetBlue Cancellation Refund Policy

According to JetBlue Flight Cancellation Refund Policy, the refundable type fare is qualified to get a full refund only if the cancellation is done before the flight departure. If the cancellation is not done before departure time, no refund will be received. Rather the ticket will be under ‘Open’ status for any future trip within one year from the date of the original booking.

JetBlue cancels ticket policy refunds come under certain exceptions in cases like illness, death, membership status on Mosaic (except Blue Basic Fare), and military or government tickets.

Hope this page on the JetBlue travel cancellation policy is useful for you.

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