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How to cancel my Infuse Energy Account? If you are finding ways to cancel Infuse Energy, we will guide you to learn and proceed with the cancellation process.

Infuse Energy provides plans that are simple as well as straightforward for commercial and residential customers. They deal in Fixed, Variable, and Green Plans.

Fixed Plans: A fixed rate to be paid for a certain period of time.

Variable Plans: The rate might differ as you are under short-term. The rate does not change during the billing period but in the next period, it might fluctuate.

Green Plans: Here you can acquire Renewable credits and pair the usage with generated power like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass.
Green Plans

How do I cancel Infuse Energy

You can reach customer service to cancel your Infuse Energy Current Plan or account over the phone. The following steps will help you to carry out the cancellation process:

  1. The ring at -1- 844-463-8732.
  2. Wait to have a chat with the representative and seek assistance for canceling the account.
  3. Furnish all the details related to your account when asked.
  4. Provide valid information to process your cancellation faster.
  5. You need to wait to receive the confirmation through Email or Letter.

There are other ways to reach the customer team by filling up an online form. Go to the page by clicking and then head to the Contact Us section. This form includes Name, Email, Zip Code, Reason for Contacting, Service Address, SSN and Date of Birth, and Message. Lastly, tap the Submit button.

Another way to reach out to the support team is by writing an email making a request to cancel your Infuse Energy Account and deliver it to 

What is Infuse Energy Cancellation Fee

If you have chosen the Fixed Term, this indicates that the energy you will be utilizing is fixed for a certain period. You will acquire wholesale power in order to reduce the risk of commodities. In case, you switch to a different provider on a fixed plan before the contract ends, then the company is stuck with excess power that you would have utilized if you had stayed. This fee is the protection against incurring potential losses relating to selling off power resulting from early termination of the contract. The cancellation fee of Infuse Energy differs because different plans are acquired by different customers.

Customers under the Variable rate do not require to pay a fee on cancellation before the end of the contract as they deal on a monthly basis which is under a short-term period. They also can move to different providers without paying any fee on early termination.

You will be happy to learn that no hidden fee is charged on cancellation.

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