Cancel Nutrafol Subscription

Cancel Nutrafol Subscription

Nutrafol is the platform that aims to sell nutraceutical products as supplements for women who face issues regarding hair loss and hair thinning. Nutrafol apparently enables hair growth by balancing androgen hormones and stress. The result of the products may show a bit slow and thus it requires patience from the user’s side.

But in case, you have got the subscription and now want to opt-out from it then through this page we can guide you on ‘How do you cancel Nutrafol subscription’ in a simple way.

How To Cancel My Nutrafol Subscription

So before you cancel the Nutrafol subscription you need to learn that canceling the subscription is permanent.
Here are the steps stated below that you need to perform on the Nutrafol cancel subscription:

  1. Log In to the Nutrafol account:

    To start with, first, log in to the account of Nutrafol subscription by entering the required credentials.

  2. Select ‘My Account:

    In the next step, select the ‘My Account section.

  3. Choose ‘My Subscriptions’:

    Now, choose the tab on ‘My Subscriptions.

  4. Hit View Subscription:

    Then, hit the button on ‘View Subscription’.

  5. Tap on ‘Cancel’:

    Finally, tap the ‘Cancel’ option in order to finish the process.

Wrapping Up:

This is the simplest and easiest method that the users can wield how to cancel a Nutrafol subscription.

In case you encounter any query or confusion while performing Nutrafol subscription cancellation then you can make direct contact with the Nutrafol customer service team. You can reach them via two modes:

  • Over the Phone

Dial at 1-888-454-3320 and then ask the representative to cancel the subscription. Also, request them to send a confirmation email on cancellation.

  • By an Email

Compose an email, requesting that you wish to cancel the subscription and forward it to the email address

Hope this article helps you throughout the cancellation procedure.

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