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How to Cancel Blast Fitness Membership

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Blast Fitness is related to the Fitness Club that ensures to keep your health fit and healthy at a very low fee.

Blast Fitness proposes two kinds of memberships which include all the services from basic to the required high standard conveniences along with classes that are unlimited, youth care as well as tanning.

But if you are having high expenses and thinking to cut down on some of your spending by canceling the subscriptions as you hardly get time to go to the club and enjoy the services.

So in this article, we will illustrate the topic ‘How to cancel your Blast Fitness membership’ that will help you to get an idea of the cancellation procedure of Blast Fitness membership.

What are the Requirements to Cancel Blast Fitness Account

Some of the information that is required to keep ready to cancel the Fitness account are listed below:

  • Full name of the member.
  • The complete mailing address of the member.
  • Member’s date of birth.
  • The nine(9) digit number of agreement given by the Blast Fitness to its members.
  • The reason for the cancellation.
  • Contact number.

How to cancel membership at Blast Fitness Club

Blast Fitness offers three methods to cancel the membership. Such as:

  1. Cancellation by an Email to ABC Financial.
  2. Cancel by a Certified mail.
  3. Cancel over the phone.

i. How do I cancel my Blast Fitness membership via Email (ABC Financial):

For Blast Fitness cancel membership the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Visit the Blast Fitness of nearby Club

    First, make a visit to the nearby Blast Fitness Club to talk about the cancellation of membership.

  2. Ask about the Blast Fitness membership Cancellation Form

    Then, talk to the executives about the cancellation form. They might email the form to you if you make a request.

  3. Fill out the cancellation form

    Next, fill all the details in the cancellation form with all the required information mentioned above.

  4. Send the email

    Now, email the composed mail to ABC Financial on with the name, birth date, and address.

  5. Call to Confirm

    Lastly, after forwarding the email, call ABC Financial at (888) 827-9262 and make sure to confirm the cancellation of the Blast Fitness membership over the phone.

ii. How to cancel my Blast Fitness membership via a Certified mail

In order to cancel my Blast Fitness membership through the Certified Mail the steps to perform are as follows:

  • Compose a Mail on cancellation:
    At first, compose a letter that contains the request for the cancellation of the membership.
  • Include all the details:
    Make sure to include all the personal information and details related to the Blast Fitness account such as the full name of the member, the mailing address, location of the Home Club, Birth date, the digit on an agreement and so on.
  • Specify the reason for the cancellation:
    Then, state the reason for which you wish to cancel the Blast Fitness membership account.
  • Send the composed letter through certified mail to the gym address:
    In the next step, send this composed letter with all the details by certified mail to the local gym address.
  • Forward a copy to ABC Financial via an Email:
    Now, you need to forward a copy of the composed letter to the ABC Financial via an Email at the address
  • Dial to ABC Financial number to confirm:
    At last, dial to the ABC Financial phone number @(866) 827-9262 after a few days from sending the letter via an Email so as to confirm the cancellation.

iii. How to cancel Blast Fitness Membership over the Phone

To cancel membership Blast Fitness over the phone you need to call ABC Financial company and follow the below steps:

  • Dial to ABC Financial to talk about the Blast Fitness membership:
    Firstly, dial the ABC Financial phone number for the cancellation at (866) 827-9262.
  • Request for the cancellation form:
    Then you can make a request to get you the Blast Fitness cancellation form through an email.
  • Fill the cancellation form:
    Now, fill the form of cancellation and follow the instructions given by the executive of ABC Financial.
  • Ask about the confirmation of the cancellation:
    Lastly, make sure to ask about the confirmation of the cancellation for future reference.

Bottom Lines:

One must always note to examine if there is any early cancellation fee related to the Blast Fitness account.

Hence, this article will help you to get off from the Blast Fitness membership if you wish to do so by following the simple steps mentioned earlier by including the required details. If there is any confusion then call the Customer care service team of ABC Financial to get further assistance on canceling the membership of the Blast Fitness account.

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