Cancel Fit4Less Membership | Step-By-Step Cancellation Process

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The main objective of Fit4Less gym service is to make the life of its members lead a healthy as well as fit life and at the same time to get a chance to enjoy an outstanding experience in fitness relatively at a reasonable rate.

But if you are unable to manage time, moved to a far residence from the fitness location because of which you wish to cancel your Fit4Less account or may be due to any other reasons, then no more worry. As in this blog, we will describe the topic of canceling Fit4Less membership in Canada and so on.

Requirements To Be Furnished For Cancellation

  • Full name of the member.
  • Location.
  • Email Address.
  • Date of Sign-In.
  • Phone Number.
  • Billing details.
  • Membership number if there is any.
  • Card details ( last digits of the credit cards if asked).
  • Mailing Address.
  • Pin Code.

Let us go through the process in detail below:

How To Cancel Fit4Less Membership

The methods that we can choose to Fit4Less cancel membership in Canada are as follows:

  • Fit4Less cancels in person.
  • Cancel your Fit4less membership via phone.
  • Cancellation via email.

i. How to Cancel Gym Membership Fit4Less In-Person:

  1. Go to the location of the Fit4Less Club where you registered for it.
  2. Then we must directly talk to the agent about the cancellation procedure.
  3. Next, just request to get the cancellation form if the home club has any.
  4. Now, furnish the data to get the information of the respective member.
  5. Make sure to thoroughly follow the instructions prompted by the agent to get the cancellation of membership confirmed.

ii. Cancel my Fit4Less membership over the phone:

Another method to go for is to call the Home Club.

  1. Call the Home Club to talk about your membership cancellation.
  2. Furnish your details to identify with the requirements mentioned earlier.
  3. You may also need to state the reason for the cancellation of the Fit4Less membership.
  4. At last, make sure to ask about the confirmation of your canceling the membership or you may get charged for the service.

How to cancel Fit4less via Email

The procedure for Fit4Less cancellation Email is as follows:-

  1. Compose an Email:

    Firstly write an email to the Home Club on your cancellation of membership.

  2. Forward it to the respective email address:

    Then dispatch the composed mail to the email ID of the Home Club to stop the membership.

  3. Attach the required data:

    With the email, attach the information discussed above to create confidence and ask about a confirmation mail.

Some points to keep in mind

As a member before the cancellation of the Fit4Less account make sure to note that as per the Fit4Less cancellation policy, the member must provide a notice 30 days beforehand to cancel the contract with the Fit4Less service.

If the member is still in the period of the agreement and paying the membership fee every year then they must pay for the rest of the year.

If the membership was purchased upfront then there will be no option for a refund.


Hence, we hope this blog has helped you to know about the Fit4Less Canada cancel membership and the same method can be followed for Fit4Less UK cancel membership, and also for the members of Tallaght (Ireland), Banbury (England). For further details or queries contact the Customer Support helpline or visit in person.

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