Cancel Xero Subscription

Cancel Xero Subscription

Xero is a software designed for cloud-based account purpose which is mainly to be employed by the small business sectors.

It is prominent among the accountants and adopted by more than 180 countries.

But sometimes it fails to reach our expectations and also creates issues for which we may feel like cancelling the subscription.

So here we will pen down on ‘How to cancel my Xero subscription’ in simple as well as understandable words.

How To Cancel Xero Subscription

Before going through on cancel Xero subscription let us examine the reasons in order to cancel Xero subscription account.

The reasons are:

  • Issues on navigating.
  • Format of the consumer records.
  • Issuing the advance payment, deposits and some of the additional tasks is to be accomplished.
  • Absence of timeous assistance.
  • Incorrect statements of customers.
  • Lack of reporting on the summary of contact transactions.
  • Much time consuming.

How To Cancel A Xero Subscription For A Paid Account

A subscriber can only cancel the Xero subscription. The steps to cancel Xero account subscription are as follows:

  • Go to the official website of Xero:
    Firstly, visit the Xero official website from the preferred internet browsing site.
  • Log in to the Subscription account:
    Now, log in to the account by providing the required information in the Xero homepage.
  • Select the name of the organisation:
    In the next step, you need to click on the name of the organisation option.
  • Tap on the ‘Subscription and Billing’ section:
    Then select on the button on ‘Subscription and Billing’.
  • Hit the ‘Manage Subscription’ tab:
    Then tap on the tab of ‘Manage Subscription’ for making the further cancellation procedure.
  • Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option:
    Now, select the option of ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  • Choose a reason for cancellation:
    Next, you need to select a reason for making the cancellation.
  • Tap on ‘Confirm’:
    Click on the ‘Confirm’ tab for the cancellation.

Note: Once the cancellation of the subscription has proceeded and the notice period also expires the organization will be still on the My Xero list.

How To Cancel Xero Trial Subscription

  • Visit the Xero website:
    At first, navigate to the website of Xero and get logged in with the login credentials.
  • Select the name of the organisation:
    Then, select the name of the organisation to cancel.
  • Click on the ‘Subscription and Billing’ section:
    Now, just click on the section of ‘Subscription and Billing’.
  • Hit on ‘Manage Subscription’ tab:
    Next, click the tab on ‘Manage Subscription’ in order to proceed further in the cancellation procedure.
  • Click on the options on ‘Cancel Subscription’:
    Then, hit the option of ‘Cancel subscription’ button.
  • Tap on the ‘Confirm’ option:
    Now, click on the ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button.
  • Specify a reason for cancellation:
    A reason for cancelling the subscription must be selected.
  • Tap on ‘Send Feedback’:
    Lastly, tap on the ‘Send Feedback’ option to complete the cancellation procedure.

Overview Of Xero Cancel Account

The Xero paid and the trial subscription can be cancelled only by the subscribers of the organisations.

A one month notice period is associated with cancelling the paid subscription.

How To Cancel Xero Invoice

To cancel the Xero invoice, when it is no further needed or developed due to an error where the invoice has been eliminated from the Practice Manager but still stays in the audit history.

The process is as follows

  • Navigate to the ‘Business’ Menu:
    In the first step, from the Xero subscription account go to the ‘Business’ menu.
  • Select on ‘Invoices’:
    Now, in the menu on Business, select the Invoices tab.
  • Click on Draft, Overdue or the Awaiting Payment tab:
    Next, as per depending on the invoice status, click on the tab of Draft, Overdue or on the Awaiting Payment option.
  • Select the line of invoice in order to cancel:
    Then, just select the line of Invoice that you wish to get cancelled.
  • Remove if any credit or payment is applied (Optional):
    We must remove the credit or payment which has been applied in the invoice by selecting the ‘Payment’ option and then clicking on the ‘X (Cross)’ button which is next to the invoice till all are gone.
  • Select ‘Options’:
    Now, select on the options button.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Invoice’:
    Then from the options click on the ‘Cancel Invoice’ button.
  • Hit ‘Yes’:
    Next, hit on the ‘Yes’ tab to confirm the cancellation of Xero Invoice.

If the Xero and practice organisations are connected then the invoices that are cancelled had been treated contrarily relying on the status of the invoices.

An invoice that is applied with a credit or payment cannot be cancelled and for this, it must be removed.

Bottom Lines:

Hence, if a decision has been made to cancel Xero subscription account to escape from the monthly charges on subscription, there are some points to keep in mind.

  • To ensure that the organisation subscriber is you.
  • The cancel in Xero account is for the individual organisation.
  • To give a check if the account is not overdue and the access to the organisation is not cancelled.
  • To be conscious about the notice of one month period associated with the cancellation.
  • No period of cancellation for the organisation of the Xero trial.

We hope this article helps you with ‘How to cancel Xero’ and successfully come out of the subscription if not required any further.

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