Quick and Easy Guide to Cancel Apple Arcade Order

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It is quite unfortunate when one needs to cancel an ordered item especially if it’s a customized one in the case of electronics software. These types of orders are somewhat difficult to cancel if one is unaware of the process of canceling and where to start.

Lenovo is one of the technology-related firms that mainly deals in computers, software, electronics, and other such services.

We are here with some guidelines to assist you in canceling your Lenovo order. Read this article till the end to make the best use of this page.

How to cancel a Lenovo order?

Before heading towards canceling an order it is important to remain aware that according to Lenovo’s order cancellation policy, the method to cancel the order on Lenovo and the refund time rely upon the payment method used. Payments are generally done through wire transfer,  credit card, or PayPal.

  • On Lenovo orders through wire transfer: but the product amount has not been sent yet, then there is no necessity to cancel an order from Lenovo. Lenovo cancels the order automatically after 20 days.
  • To cancel an order Lenovo when payment is made by credit card or PayPal, then customers are required to request to cancel the order and submit it on the same date of placing the order.

Refunds on payments made by PayPal upon Lenovo order cancellation might take up to 7 business days whereas credit cards will get charged instantly.

* Note that if the order has been initiated already for production or made ready for shipment then the request on Lenovo to cancel my order may get rejected by Lenovo.

Once the order gets canceled successfully, a confirmation email on the cancellation will be sent to you by Lenovo and the money paid will be refunded back to you.

How To Cancel The Order By Lenovo Customer Support Team:

For any assistance from the support team of Lenovo, customers can reach out to them through:-

  • Chat and Sales: 1-855-253-6686 #2
  • Customer service phone number: 1-855-253-6686 #3
  • Through Email

How to cancel an order on the Lenovo website:

Here are the steps to follow on Lenovo cancel order refund:-

  1. On the first visit to the Lenovo official website.
  2. Next, navigate to the order portal of Lenovo products.
  3. Now, locate the order that you need to cancel.
  4. Tap the option on ‘request a refund’ and

further submit the request to cancel an order on Lenovo.

Bottom Lines:

The nature of canceling Lenovo laptop orders may vary depending on the status of the product. As in the case of products that are already shipped or sent for manufacturing, then in such cases, the cancel request may be rejected by Lenovo. So one must make sure and be careful while placing orders on Lenovo products.

For any further guidance, customers can reach out to the Lenovo customer support staff to resolve queries related to canceling Lenovo orders.

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Canceling Apple Arcade

Canceling Apple Arcade: A Comprehensive How-to

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Apple Arcade seems like a paradise for every gamer. Owing to its subscription paves the way to more than 200 gaming titles for Apple users. 

But what if it does not seem suitable to you? Are you worried about how to get out of the Apple Arcade subscription without any charges and with ease? Whichever the reason may be behind it, if you are looking to cancel Apple Arcade then this blog is just for you. Just make sure to read it till the bottom of this page.

Should I choose for Apple Arcade cancel subscription:-

Apple Arcade what happens when you cancel:

Before one moves to cancel an Apple Arcade subscription it is important to be aware that Apple Arcade is not like any other gaming subscription, one cannot transfer the saved data out of the subscription. It implies that when purchasing the game separately, which is also in Apple Arcade, then one needs to start it again.

Stated below are the steps that must be followed for an Apple Arcade subscription canceled depending on the device used.

How to cancel Apple Arcade subscription on iPad:

Following are the steps required for Apple Arcade games to cancel a subscription on an iPad device:-

  1. First, go to the Main Screen on the iPad device.
  2. Locate the ‘Settings’ App and click on it.
  3. Now, the ‘Name’ and ‘Profile’ of the user will be displayed at the top of the window.
  4. In the next step, click on the name.
  5. Tap on ‘Subscriptions’, and a list of all the active subscriptions will appear on the screen.
  6. Next, from the list, click on the ‘Apple Arcade’ section.
  7. Select on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab.
  8. A pop-up will appear on the page, Hit the ‘Confirm’ button to finish the process of cancellation. 

Note: One has access to the games on Apple Arcade till the end of the subscription period. 

How do I cancel Apple Arcade on iPhone device:

Here are the steps on how to cancel Apple Arcade on iPhone:-

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ App and click on it to open which is on the main screen on an iPhone device.
  2. The name and profile picture of the account holder will appear on the page.
  3. Tap on the ‘Name’.
  4. Select on ‘Subscriptions’ section. All the active subscriptions will appear down.
  5. Click on the ‘Apple Arcade’ tab.
  6. Hit the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button.
  7. Finally, select on ‘Confirm’ option to confirm the subscription cancellation.

How to cancel a subscription to Apple Arcade through Mac:

Users can also cancel the Apple Arcade subscription on Mac in simple and easy steps. Go through the steps on Apple Arcade how to cancel service:

  1. In the Mac device, go to the ‘App Store’ tab.
  2. Click on the username, generally located to the left bottom of the page, next to the profile picture.
  3. Next, tap on ‘View Information’. One can locate this tab at the right top of the screen.
  4. In the next step, hit on ‘Manage’. 
  5. Now select Apple Arcade subscription under the Manage section.
  6. At last, click the button on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to complete the cancellation process.

How do I cancel my Apple Arcade subscription on Apple TV:

The steps for Apple Arcade cancellation on Apple TV are as follows:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on the Apple TV.
  2. Click on the ‘Select Users and Accounts’ section.
  3. Tap on the ‘Account’.
  4. Hit on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab and type the password of the account.
  5. Select the ‘Apple Arcade’ option.
  6. Lastly, click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button and confirm.

How to cancel Apple Arcade free trial:

Users not satisfied with the Apple Arcade subscription can choose to go for Apple Arcade and cancel the free trial service before the trial period ends otherwise he/she may need to pay the fee for the subscription. So to skip the charges, one must choose to perform Apple Arcade 3 months free cancel before the period ends for new users from any of the above-mentioned Apple devices that are preferable to escape from unwelcome surprises.

Wrapping Up:

Hence, in summing one can surely recognize that the task is quite easy and simple if done by following the points thoroughly. Users with  Apple Arcade subscriptions can cancel the subscription by any of the above-mentioned Apple devices or Apple TV; the one seems preferable.

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Top Tips for Cancelling Slimware Premium Support

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Wondering about how to cancel Slimware Premium Support, this page will guide you so that the cancellation procedure becomes easier.

Slimware Premium Support offers technical assistance and support to users for their software requirements. While it may be helpful for some, possibilities might originate where consumers ought to opt out of the subscription.

Gather the details before making a cancellation request:-

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact details
  • Email ID
  • User ID and Password
  • Billing Address with City, Zip Code, Region, and Country
  • Card Details used during payments 4 digits of the card
  • Last date and also the amount of payment charged

How can I cancel Slimware Premium Support?

You are at the right platform if you wish to discontinue the subscription to Slimware Premium. We will be discussing the steps that one must consider:

  1. Sign in to the Account

    First and foremost you need to access the webpage of Slimware Premium Support by logging utilizing the credentials. Go to the account settings or click on the subscription page.

  2. Check the Subscription Details

    Entering the subscription page, scroll to check the account details to confirm you are opting out of the correct service. Review the billing cycle, date of subscription, and other relevant information.

  3. Track down the Cancellation Option

    Search for the “Cancel Subscription” option. The location might differ relying on the website’s layout, but it’s normally available under the billing section.

  4. Pick the Reason to Cancel

    Slimware might initiate you to determine the reason for canceling the subscription.

  5. Confirm Cancellation

    Tap on the button “Cancel Subscription” and observe any additional instructions on the screen in order to confirm the cancellation. Some sight might instruct you to enter the password again and this is for security reasons.

  6. Check for Confirmation

    Once the cancellation is processed, you will receive a message confirming the request. Keep this confirmation for future reference.

  7. Review Billing Statements

    After canceling the subscription, it’s necessary to check out the future billing statements to confirm that no further payments are involved for Slimware Premium Support.

After gathering all the related information you can contact customer support for assistance on the phone.

  1. Dial -888-994-8925 and wait for the call to answer.
  2. Provide your account details and ask the agent to cancel the account as you do not wish to continue the service offered.
  3. The agent might convince you to remain on the subscription still you can decline the request by requesting him to cancel the service.
  4. Also, confirm that no more charges will be deducted after cancellation.
  5. Request proof using the email option. This will be useful if you face any issues regarding the charges in the future.

For an additional cover at security, remove the payment information from the site to avoid charges accidentally in the future.

Slimware Premium Support Contact Details


555 West 18th Street
New York
United States

Email Address:-


Contact Form:-




Wrapping Up:

Canceling Slimware Premium Support might be a tricky one but by following the provided steps you can stop the services. Remember to review the subscription details, search for the cancellation option, and confirm the decision. Keep an eye on the statements after cancellation to ensure that no further charges are incurred. If you need any help or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Slimware’s customer support for assistance.

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Cancel Vonage Account,

Cancel Vonage Service: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to cancel Vonage? If you made up your mind to cancel the Vonage home services. The first thing that flickers is how to proceed with the cancellation procedure. Here, you will obtain your answers to opt out of the Vonage services.

Vonage offers home and commercial phone services. Other services like fax and voicemail services can be utilized over the app or online. There are plans which help you to make international calls. If you are a student or in the armed forces, discounts might be added to your plan. Vonage is indeed utilized for personal use but you can use it for sending voice messages and faxes for commercial purposes.

Methods To Cancel Vonage Account

Vonage can be canceled by phone or online.

Canceling my Vonage account online

  1. First, Sign in to the account using the credentials.
  2. Tap on the Profile section to check the details of the account.
  3. Moving to the Help option, select the link “Cancel Account” and tap on it.
  4. Fill out the form online, check the information provided, and then select the date to cancel. Lastly, click on the Submit button.

Cancel your Vonage account by phone

Dial -1-732-944-0000 to cancel the account over the phone. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 12 AM and during weekends they attend calls up to 8 PM.

How do I cancel the Phone service of Vonage?

If you want your Vonage services to cancel the only option is to call customer service for cancellation. The company just does not give priority to online or email options over cancellation procedures.

Before making the call you need to be ready with the information related to Vonage Phone Services.

The instructions that you need to be observed are as follows:-

  1. First and foremost, gather the account-related details such as Account number, Email ID, PIN, and billing address. The email ID and billing address should match the details utilized while creating the account. Providing the details, the agent will look for the information making one step ahead to initiate the cancellation process.
  2. Once the call is answered, request the agent to cancel the service. The service agent might divert your mind to keep the phone. You need to provide reasons for cancellation that you are moving to a different state the account holder does not exist or you are not aware of the place you are moving to. It might be out of the country. Make sure to coordinate with the rep in a friendly manner rather than being hyper to the questions asked.
  3. Ensure you are prepared with queries so that the cancellation process initiates.
    • Service rep name
    • Ticket ID for the call
    • When will the service end
    • The last transaction in the account
    • About outstanding balances
    • What is to be returned on cancellation?
  4. Now, you can dial -1-732-944-0000 and wait for the call to answer. In case, the call is transferred to an automated call, pick the Cancel Service option and then the call will be handed to Rep. Request the customer service to cancel the phone service and do not forget to provide all the relevant details.
  5. It is important to return equipment after Vonage cancellation such as Vonage and Power adapters, Ethernet and Telephone Cables, Modems, and Routers, and Telephones.

    The company might charge fees if you fail to return the equipment:-
    • The return should be completed in 14 days if, within the period of the Money Back Guarantee or else, you need to pay the cost of the adapter.
    • If the cancellation is in 3 months from the date of activation, pay $79.99 in full for the adapter.
    • The disconnection fees might also be applied.
  6. Lastly, call customer service once again to confirm the cancellation. Inquire whether the returned equipment has reached the destination or not. You might have the ticket number and this would work faster to check the cancellation process.

Cancel Vonage Business Account

Vonage proposes different options to eliminate the services:-

  • Via Phone
  • Chatbot
  • Online

If you are a super user or administrator of the account, a Vonage Business account is possible for cancellation.

  • Call -1-732-944-0000 over the phone
  • For Vee Chatbot, click on Contact Us and enter Cancel in the Chatbot field.
  • If the Vonage Business is secured through self-service you can use the Online option. Go to the portal and sign in. Then click on Account info and select the Cancel option.

In this manner, you will be able to cancel Vonage services. Whatever reasons you provide, ensure to keep calm while talking to the customer representative so that they do not change your mind about staying in the service.

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Canceling a Pending Transaction on the Blockchain: A Beginner’s Tutorial

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Is your transaction at Blockchain Unconfirmed? Blockchain is a dispersed database with a ledger being shared within the nodes of the computer system. Blockchain plays a vital role in maintaining cryptocurrencies and securing the decentralization of transactions history. It also stores different other information like you can track your product and other relevant data. Tracking of food items starting from shipping out to the items delivered to your doorstep is possible here.

What is a Pending Transaction at Blockchain

The Pending transaction is not incorporated in Blockchain but is included in the mempool and remains till it obtains the authentication. If the transaction is unconfirmed on Blockchain which is in the state of pending cannot be concluded as final.

The fee that comes along with the transaction is related to confirmation time. In case the amount is set low, it will be in pending condition for a long time or will be in an unconfirmed situation.

If you are confused about the fee just scroll to get the estimation on transaction fees using estimators online. Unconfirmed transactions are considered unsound because those transactions might remain pending never to be confirmed or take place with different transactions. Consequently, wait for the transaction to be confirmed before finalized as completed.

How to cancel a transaction on Blockchain?

No, the transaction on the blockchain neither can be reversed nor canceled. Sometimes, users fail to check the address of the recipient and deliver funds to the wrong address and this cannot be reversed in any case. The transactions of cryptocurrencies on networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash are formulated in such a non-reversible manner once transacted.

If the transactions are confirmed and included in the blockchain, you can’t reverse the transaction. Because this is the way Blockchain is formulated and the core doctrines of blockchain immutability.

As blockchain is immutable, no changes can be made and accomplished under cryptography and the process of hashing. Transactions received are embedded in the block and are restrained by the hashing process linking and incorporating the hash of earlier blockchain. Blocks seem to be arranged in chronological decree developing a chain, and this is the reason why cryptos are comprehended as Blockchains.

Blocks when hashed include metadata from the aforesaid blocks making the chain unbreakable.

Transactions are incorporated in the block and you cannot delete or modify them after being included in the block if you try to modify then the blockchain will be broken.

So, before proceeding with any transactions you need to check for the details and then click the Send button.

There are a few of the advantages of  immutability:-

  • The integrity of data re-calculating through the hashing.
  • Auditing is simple and efficient.
  • Increase in efficiency.
  • Preventing disputes

How to cancel unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction Blockchain?

Transactions of Bitcoin need verification through the network of Bitcoin before being finalized. Miners confirm the verification as they are the ones who run the code and are included in Blockchain. If someone delivers Bitcoin, the transaction is stored by miners, confirming the transactions. In case, the transaction is not confirmed, you are required to wait till the transaction is confirmed.

Reasons for Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions:-

  • The fee set is too low.
  • The transaction seems to be larger than the limit set by the block.
  • The main reason for blockchain pending is due to being jammed with different transactions. Here you need to attach a higher fee to prioritize transactions.
  • If you do not have enough funds, transactions might remain pending as you cannot cover the network fee.
  • Entered incorrect address.
  • The user is inactive.
  • If there is more than one transaction rejected on the network, this might lead to failed transactions.
  • Internet failure.

If you want to cancel the Bitcoin transaction, this is not possible. Still, you can check out these techniques that might work for you depending on the circumstances:

  • If the fee set is low try the option Child Pays For Parent or Replace By Fee, increasing the amount and confirming the transaction.
  • In case you double-spend on a transaction, use the option Replace By Fee and replace it with the higher transaction amount.
  • If all the techniques discussed above seem to be not worth it, then wait for some time to confirm the transaction eventually or try canceling it and transmitting a fresh transaction.
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A Quick Look at the Benefits of Ending Your GoHenry Subscription

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Parents always want their children to be sensible, especially in the case of managing finances. GoHenry is one such app that is mainly for 6 to 18 along with their parents. Using the GoHenry app, one can top-up a child’s account and help in keeping track of pocket money.

Children are provided with a Prepaid Visa Card, personalized with a picture. The card can be utilized for purchases online as well as offline and can withdraw money from the ATM. As a parent, you can set a limit and within that, the money can be spent avoiding overdrawn. They can invest using the option Money Missions on the app. This arrives with a subscription and at some point in time you do not wish to continue with the GoHenry subscription. The program does not prove to be as you imagined. You can cancel the subscription account and also cancel the GoHenry card order. But you might still not proceed because you are not aware of how to cancel your GoHenry Membership. This page will guide you to terminate your membership. 

What are the drawbacks of a GoHenry Subscription?

GoHenry is indeed a good app but some drawbacks lead you to cancel the account. You might receive £20 on referring the app to your friend and both receive the 20 bucks to your account. As the app is subscription-based, the flaws here make any customer move to a better service.

  • GoHenry is not a bank and so security is not guaranteed.
  • If a family has more than one child, the fees might be shortcomings because they are overrated.
  • No interest on money stored in the account.
  • The top fee is free only once a month and later 50p. If you provide pocket money each week, this might be an alarming notice of paying more than the income.

How do I cancel My GoHenry Account?

In some situations, your child might have reached the age of earning on their own and now the app is in idle mode. You can surely decide to opt out of the account subscription.

In order to cancel your GoHenry Subscription, follow a few of the points:-

  1. Whether you want to stop or cancel payment or cancel the GoHenry Subscription, contact the customer team.
  2. The membership fee is to be paid per child. If you have more than one child on the account, you do not want all subscriptions to be canceled. So be sure to state clearly what subscriptions to cancel without confusing the  Member Services.
  3. The refund amount will be credited to the account in 7 to 10 working days. In this period if there are any remaining outstanding investments it will be processed.
  4. If you have loaded a Gohenry account using your debit card, the money will be returned to the original after canceling the account. Payments through Bank transfer or using the option Standing Order, funds credit to the bank on canceling goHenry Payment.
  5. Before canceling the GoHenry Account, you can withdraw the amounts from the ATM using a GoHenry card. This usually does not take up much time if you prefer to have the money sooner. 
  6. The company does not want to lose its customers and this is the reason for the ‘cooling-off’ option to regenerate the account. Reach out to GoHenry and request for the same and the period is available for 3 days.
  7. If you want to remain with the canceling decision then once the period passes off no reactivation of the account is available. You need to start from the beginning to create a new account.

Here are the Contact Details of GoHenry Customer Service for canceling a GoHenry Subscription Account or Payment or Card Order.

  • Dial -0330-100-7676 to get in touch with the customer team over the phone.
  • Write the request for canceling the account and drop it to the Email Address help@gohenry.co.uk.
  • You cannot request cancellation over the post but for any further issues write to and send it to –

GoHenry Ltd, Stirley House, Ampress Lane, Ampress Park, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LW.

  • The hours to reach Member Services is from 8 am to 8 pm, available for 7 days a week.
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How to cancel Apple Arcade?
How to cancel Clash of Clans Purchase,

Quick and Easy Way to Cancel Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game played online. Here players form communities termed as train troops, and clans, and attack other clans to gain resources. The game is available on PC as well as on Mobile Phones.

On this page, we will be talking about how to cancel Clash of Clans. There are other related topics such as cancel upgrade Clash of Clans, how to cancel a laboratory upgrade in Clash of Clans, how to cancel Legend League Clash of Clans, clash of Clans if you cancel building, etc will also be included.

How to cancel Clash of Clans Purchase?

Games can be downloaded for free but there are offers available on the app as in-app purchases which is optional. Here the purchases are not mandated for playing the game, rather it just enhances or upgrades some elements in the game.

The money to purchase items in the game is real money and is mentioned clearly. To avoid the purchase you can disable the in-app purchases option in the game settings.

If the item is purchased you cannot get the amount back. In case the transaction is failed then the debited amount will be returned to your account in 2-3 working days.

The company does not refund valid purchases as mentioned in the policy of Clash of Clans. 

The following steps will let you cancel the subscription:-

  • Tap on the app.
  • Next, click on the Settings option.
  • Now, click on the Help and Support option.
  • Click on the Contact Us tab.

How do cancel Upgrade Clash of Clans? 

When canceling an upgrade, only part of the refund is allowed. Keep in mind that once you cancel the upgrade then you cannot redo it. 

The steps involved to cancel the upgrade:-

  • Search for the upgrade and click on the Cancel tab.
  • Tap okay and this confirms cancellation. Fifty percent of resources will be reimbursed.

If you have purchased gems to upgrade, the refund will be for resources.

If you cancel the building at Clash of Clans by following the above-discussed steps the refund received will be half of your full amount.

How to cancel Laboratory Upgrade in Clash of Clans

After the upgrade of Laboratory Upgrade, the super troops, spells, and machines available will be received without any extra cost. When the process is ongoing the changes in the improvements will not be seen. Once completed the changes will be applied instantly.

If the Laboratory does not accept upgrades, this might be because your new gadget is not compatible with the previous one.

You can reach out to contact the company to cancel the upgrade and they will surely contact you within 24 hours. You should also eliminate the subscriptions as only deleting Clash of Clans will not cancel the upgrade.

Clash of Clans Resources can also be deleted from your devices.

Deleting of Resources from iPhone:-

  • Click and hold Resources till it comes to shaking.
  • As it shakes, an X Mark will pop up.
  • Tap on X and delete Clash of Clan resources from the phone.

You can also delete it by following a second technique:-

  • Click Settings.
  • Then tap on “iPhone Storage”. 
  • Next scroll to check the installed app.
  • Click the app, uninstall, and delete the app.

For users of iOS 11:-

  • Tap the Settings tab.
  • Then select General and pick the iPhone Storage option. 
  • Go to “Offload Unused Apps” and click the “Enable” tab. 

Deleting of Resources from Android:-

  •  Click the Google Play Store.
  • Next, move to the option “My Apps and Games”, and click the “Installed” tab.
  • Here is the list of installed apps that pop up.
  • Select the Resources and tap on the Uninstall option.

Summing up:

As we are at the end of this article, hope you have learned how to cancel Clash of Clans. In recent times, there was a rumor of Clash of Clans being canceled but this was not true. But if you do not wish to cancel the upgrade then you can do so. On canceling the upgrade, buildings, and super troops will get canceled.

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Canceling Your Linktree Subscription: A Quick Tutorial

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How do I cancel my Linktree subscription? Confused about how to proceed to opt out or terminate the services at Linktree? Here in this article, we will be sharing information related to the cancellation procedure.

Linktree is the option to share numerous links on the platform of social media. Instagram gave Linktree a new road to recognition. The reason behind this is that Instagram allows the sharing of web links only in the Bio and in the stories of the user’s profile section. This is a drawback because users need to search for options to link their websites or social platforms. 

Linktree is available in free mode as well as with a paid version. Without utilizing any penny you can enjoy some of the features and receive payments from followers. If you purchase the subscription plan monthly, some more features you can get access to, specifically with advanced personalization. The cost for the premium version is £2.50 a month.

How to cancel a Linktree Subscription?

If you feel that Linktree does not offer reasonable attributes you cancel the current subscription. But wait what to do so that you can cancel with ease? You just need to downgrade the plan to the free version as the paid version is not your cup of tea. Below are the steps for Linktree cancellation:

  1. Go to Linktree Account and tap on the Admin option using the web browser.
  2. Select the profile option.
  3. Search for the Billing option.
  4. Go to Subscription and click on the Change Plan option.
  5. A window will be displayed on the screen, you need to complete the steps to Downgrade the current plan i.e. move from the paid to the free version.

Make sure when you decide to cancel the subscription that the customized features will no longer be accessible after the billing cycle ends.

Tap on the link:- https://linktr.ee/help/en to cancel the Linktree account online.

Deleting the Linktree account

After canceling the Linktree monthly subscription, you can proceed with the deleting procedure.

The following deleting steps are applicable in the web browser mode:-

  1. Go to Linktree Admin and click on the My Accounts option.
  2. Next, scroll to the Danger Zone available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now, tap on the Delete option.

End Points

On clicking the above option, the account will not be available for reuse. All data stored will be removed and there are no other methods to regenerate the account. You need to create a new Linktree account if you want to use it later on.

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Canceling Your Calendly Subscription Guide

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Calendly is known for its scheduling tool digitally, making users accomplish and effective by minimizing the efforts endured to link with others. During an emergency, this tool alerts your important meetings and dates eliminating the to and fro delivery of emails.

Calendly proposes advanced calendar features allowing users to merge the tool into different other applications. You can add your meeting dates to Calendly and for payments, you can choose PayPal.

You need to subscribe to the Calendly membership to enjoy the services offered and users can also unsubscribe from the subscription whenever they no longer wish to continue with the services.

On this page, we will be discussing “How to cancel a calendar subscription”? After subscribing if you cannot cancel the subscription, then you knock at the right door.

Two Ways to Cancel Calendly Subscription

Calendly offers two ways to pay for a subscription.

  • Monthly fee 
  • Yearly subscription with a discount.

How To Cancel Calendly Trial?

There is also a trial period of 14 days which you can use before moving to a paid subscription. You can request the cancellation of your subscription if you do not find the service effective.

The subscriptions renew at the billing date automatically either monthly or yearly. If you do not want the billing to renew itself just downgrade the account any moment.

In case you want to cancel the subscription, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to Calendly and choose the Account option.
  • Next, pick the Billing option.
  • Choose a Change plan and then Downgrade and choose a different plan.

Calendly accounts can be deleted if the user does not want to keep the account. The following instructions are to be followed.

  1. Click Calendly pick the Account option, and choose Account Settings.
  2. Move to the Profile section and pick the Delete Account option.
  3. Now, pick from the three options to remove the account.
    • Ownership transfer 
    • Keep account and leave the group 
    • Delete the account and disband the group 
  4. Pick the reason for removing the account in the next step.
  5. Lastly, tap the Delete option.

How to cancel Calendar Subscription iPhone:

The steps involved in canceling a Calendar subscription on an iPhone are as follows:-

  1. Click on Settings and select your name.
  2. Next, hit on the Subscriptions option.
  3. Click on the Apple ID and then sign in to the account. Go to the Subscriptions tab and click on it.
  4. Now, hit on the Calendly subscription option.
  5. Click on the Cancel button. In some cases, you might not see the Cancel option as you have not renewed it would cancel automatically.

If still you are paying for the unwanted Calendly subscription you need to contact the support team to help you with your issue. Compose an email and send it to support@calendly.com to request to cancel the subscription. This will be the only option to root out the Calendly subscription.

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How to cancel Norton Subscription,

The Top Alternatives to Norton: Canceling Made Easy

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  • Norton is known to be the People’s Antivirus software for it has a security program that is mostly preferred all over the world.
  • It promotes the plans as per requirement. Since the threats are increasingly dangerous, Norton is adding more new tools and features which perform ensure your device is protected from new malware threats.
  • Once it gets installed on your device you can execute online transactions, exchange data, surf the internet, etc safely.
  • Norton with the auto-renewal subscription will make sure to protect your device always.
  • The auto-renewal subscription of Norton renews the subscription one month before the date of expiration.
  • Payments are made through your credit card automatically which was used by you at the time of purchasing the subscription for the first time.
  • But if you do not wish to auto-renew the subscription to Norton antivirus then you can go for the cancellation of the Norton subscription which will disable the plan of Norton auto-renewal.

So if you are looking to Cancel Norton then here you are at the right stop. Through this blog, you will get to know about ‘How to cancel my Norton account. Let us read this blog till its crux.

Points to Unsubscribe Norton:

Some of the points that you need to know about canceling the Norton subscription are as follows:-

  • When you subscribe to a plan and have not canceled it the way you had subscribed for it then that particular plan will get automatically renewed as you have already agreed with the permission.
  • When subscribed for the trial period and choosing to cancel, then ensure that you have taken the risk of losing altogether the contents on trial.
  • Make sure to cancel the subscription manually 24 hours before your trial period expires.

How to cancel Norton Subscription on a Computer through its website?

The steps that you need to follow are stated below:-

  1. Visit the official website of Norton Antivirus:

    Firstly, launch the PC and visit the Norton antivirus official website through the preferred web browser.

  2. Homepage of Norton will appear:

    When you visit the website, the homepage of Norton will be displayed on your screen.

  3. Move to the ‘My Norton’ section:

    Next, you must move to the My Norton section which is on the right upper side of the screen.

  4. Enter the Email Address:

    Now, enter the Email Address registered with the account.

  5. Fill in your account ‘Password’:

    Then, fill in the correct account ‘Password’.

  6. Tap on the ‘Login’ option:

    Next, tap the option on ‘Login’.

  7. Get redirected to the Norton Profile:

    Next, you will get redirected to the ‘Norton Profile’ section.

  8. Hit the ‘My Account’ button:

    Now, hit the button on ‘My Account.

  9. ‘Subscription Page’ will be displayed:

    After this, the page subscription will be shown on the screen.

  10. Move to the ‘Auto-renewal’ option:

    Then, you must move to the option on ‘Auto-renewal’.

  11. Click to turn ‘Off’:

    Now, click on the button to turn it ‘Off’.

  12. Select the button on ‘Confirm’:

    Lastly, you need to select the ‘Confirm’ button to cancel the subscription successfully.


If the plan gets renewed automatically then you must ask to get a refund. For this, you are required to fill out the form for a refund, and then the team Norton will begin accordingly with the process of the refund. Remember that for a refund you need to ask to get a refund from Norton within 60 days from the cancellation period.

How to cancel Norton on the iPhone/iPad:

Here are the steps required that you need to perform are as follows:-

  1. First, you need to go to your ‘Settings’ application.
  2. Then, click the icon of your ‘Name’.
  3. Next, hit the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.
    (If the tab is not seen automatically, then you must click on the iTunes & App Store section).
  4. Now, tap on the button of ‘Apple ID’.
  5. Next, you need to view and then Sign In on the Apple ID.
  6. In the next step, you must scroll to the section ‘Subscriptions’.
  7. Then, you must hit on the ‘Norton’ subscription, the one that you wish to cancel.
  8. Lastly, select the ‘Cancel’ tab to complete the process of cancellation.

How do I cancel my Norton Security on an Android device?

To cancel the subscription to Norton Antivirus on an Android device then you must know that simply deleting the app won’t cancel the subscription. For this, you must follow the below steps:

  1. To begin with, you must launch the ‘Google Play Store’ on an Android device.
  2. Next, tap on the ‘Menu’ section.
  3. Then, navigate directly to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  4. Now, select the ‘Norton Security subscription the one that you are looking to cancel.
  5. At last, you click the button on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and follow the instructions as directed.

Thus, once the subscription is removed from the Google Play Store, the subscription will get canceled and it won’t renew anymore.

How to cancel Norton subscription on Mac?

To Comcast Norton canceled subscription, you need to perform the following:-

  1. Firstly, go to your Mac App Store and click to open.
  2. Next, hit on the ‘Name’ tab which is situated below the sidebar.
  3. Then, tap the button on ‘View Information’ at the top of the displayed screen.
  4. Now, you may need to ‘Sign In’ to the account on Norton.
  5. Next to it, scroll below till you reach the option on ‘Subscriptions’.
  6. After that, select the button on ‘Manage’ to make the cancellation.
  7. Next, click on the ‘Edit’ option which is beside the App.
  8. Lastly, you must tap the tab on ‘Cancel Subscription’.


Use the same ID and Username that you have used to set the subscription to manage the subscription when it is needed. It differs from the Android ID or Apple ID that you set up.

If you forget the password, make sure to contact the App for any help or for resetting the password.

How to cancel Norton’s free trial subscription on PayPal:

The steps to cancel a Norton subscription are described as follows:-

  • To start, Log In to the PayPal account via the official website @www.paypal.com.
  • Hit on ‘Settings’ near the ‘Logout’ button.
  • Tap on ‘Payments’ from the ‘Menu’ section.
  • Select the ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ tab from the dashboard of ‘Automatic Payments’.
  • Click on ‘Norton Security’ to cancel.
  • A page of ‘Confirmation’ will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ option to cancel making any payments on your Norton subscription.
  • At last, hit the ‘Done’ button on the page of verification to complete the procedure for cancellation.
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