How to cancel a Linktree Subscription,

Canceling Your Linktree Subscription: A Quick Tutorial

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How do I cancel my Linktree subscription? Confused about how to proceed to opt out or terminate the services at Linktree? Here in this article, we will be sharing information related to the cancellation procedure.

Linktree is the option to share numerous links on the platform of social media. Instagram gave Linktree a new road to recognition. The reason behind this is that Instagram allows the sharing of web links only in the Bio and in the stories of the user’s profile section. This is a drawback because users need to search for options to link their websites or social platforms. 

Linktree is available in free mode as well as with a paid version. Without utilizing any penny you can enjoy some of the features and receive payments from followers. If you purchase the subscription plan monthly, some more features you can get access to, specifically with advanced personalization. The cost for the premium version is £2.50 a month.

How to cancel a Linktree Subscription?

If you feel that Linktree does not offer reasonable attributes you cancel the current subscription. But wait what to do so that you can cancel with ease? You just need to downgrade the plan to the free version as the paid version is not your cup of tea. Below are the steps for Linktree cancellation:

  1. Go to Linktree Account and tap on the Admin option using the web browser.
  2. Select the profile option.
  3. Search for the Billing option.
  4. Go to Subscription and click on the Change Plan option.
  5. A window will be displayed on the screen, you need to complete the steps to Downgrade the current plan i.e. move from the paid to the free version.

Make sure when you decide to cancel the subscription that the customized features will no longer be accessible after the billing cycle ends.

Tap on the link:- to cancel the Linktree account online.

Deleting the Linktree account

After canceling the Linktree monthly subscription, you can proceed with the deleting procedure.

The following deleting steps are applicable in the web browser mode:-

  1. Go to Linktree Admin and click on the My Accounts option.
  2. Next, scroll to the Danger Zone available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now, tap on the Delete option.

End Points

On clicking the above option, the account will not be available for reuse. All data stored will be removed and there are no other methods to regenerate the account. You need to create a new Linktree account if you want to use it later on.

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