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Cancel Vonage Service: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to cancel Vonage? If you made up your mind to cancel the Vonage home services. The first thing that flickers is how to proceed with the cancellation procedure. Here, you will obtain your answers to opt out of the Vonage services.

Vonage offers home and commercial phone services. Other services like fax and voicemail services can be utilized over the app or online. There are plans which help you to make international calls. If you are a student or in the armed forces, discounts might be added to your plan. Vonage is indeed utilized for personal use but you can use it for sending voice messages and faxes for commercial purposes.

Methods To Cancel Vonage Account

Vonage can be canceled by phone or online.

Canceling my Vonage account online

  1. First, Sign in to the account using the credentials.
  2. Tap on the Profile section to check the details of the account.
  3. Moving to the Help option, select the link “Cancel Account” and tap on it.
  4. Fill out the form online, check the information provided, and then select the date to cancel. Lastly, click on the Submit button.

Cancel your Vonage account by phone

Dial -1-732-944-0000 to cancel the account over the phone. Customer support is available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 12 AM and during weekends they attend calls up to 8 PM.

How do I cancel the Phone service of Vonage?

If you want your Vonage services to cancel the only option is to call customer service for cancellation. The company just does not give priority to online or email options over cancellation procedures.

Before making the call you need to be ready with the information related to Vonage Phone Services.

The instructions that you need to be observed are as follows:-

  1. First and foremost, gather the account-related details such as Account number, Email ID, PIN, and billing address. The email ID and billing address should match the details utilized while creating the account. Providing the details, the agent will look for the information making one step ahead to initiate the cancellation process.
  2. Once the call is answered, request the agent to cancel the service. The service agent might divert your mind to keep the phone. You need to provide reasons for cancellation that you are moving to a different state the account holder does not exist or you are not aware of the place you are moving to. It might be out of the country. Make sure to coordinate with the rep in a friendly manner rather than being hyper to the questions asked.
  3. Ensure you are prepared with queries so that the cancellation process initiates.
    • Service rep name
    • Ticket ID for the call
    • When will the service end
    • The last transaction in the account
    • About outstanding balances
    • What is to be returned on cancellation?
  4. Now, you can dial -1-732-944-0000 and wait for the call to answer. In case, the call is transferred to an automated call, pick the Cancel Service option and then the call will be handed to Rep. Request the customer service to cancel the phone service and do not forget to provide all the relevant details.
  5. It is important to return equipment after Vonage cancellation such as Vonage and Power adapters, Ethernet and Telephone Cables, Modems, and Routers, and Telephones.

    The company might charge fees if you fail to return the equipment:-
    • The return should be completed in 14 days if, within the period of the Money Back Guarantee or else, you need to pay the cost of the adapter.
    • If the cancellation is in 3 months from the date of activation, pay $79.99 in full for the adapter.
    • The disconnection fees might also be applied.
  6. Lastly, call customer service once again to confirm the cancellation. Inquire whether the returned equipment has reached the destination or not. You might have the ticket number and this would work faster to check the cancellation process.

Cancel Vonage Business Account

Vonage proposes different options to eliminate the services:-

  • Via Phone
  • Chatbot
  • Online

If you are a super user or administrator of the account, a Vonage Business account is possible for cancellation.

  • Call -1-732-944-0000 over the phone
  • For Vee Chatbot, click on Contact Us and enter Cancel in the Chatbot field.
  • If the Vonage Business is secured through self-service you can use the Online option. Go to the portal and sign in. Then click on Account info and select the Cancel option.

In this manner, you will be able to cancel Vonage services. Whatever reasons you provide, ensure to keep calm while talking to the customer representative so that they do not change your mind about staying in the service.

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