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Unsubscribing from Learn Our History: A Beginner’s Tutorial

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Paying the monthly subscription can be hectic at some point when you are simply spending money for the membership of Learn Our History. If you want to cancel the subscription as soon as possible, this blog will lead the way to complete your cancellation procedure without much difficulty. 

Learn Our History is somewhat of a reference that fulfills educational purposes. A platform where your kids can learn by going through educational and entertaining videos to make them aware of the culture and history of America. It helps children to motivate and bring an eagerness to get knowledge about the past. In case, you do not want to continue with the subscription or found a better website compared to this website, you can surely cancel it.

If you are still searching for ways or methods to opt out of the service, hope your search is over. Just go through this article till the end to get answers.

How do I cancel the Learn Our History Account?

Before moving to the cancellation process, let’s have a look at the procedure to set up the account of Learn Our History.

  1. Click on https://members.espired.com/ in order to register for the account as a new member.
  2. Next, type the email address and create a strong password by tapping the link “Need a password or forget yours?”.
  3. On clicking the link, you can have the assets to the video lessons and workbooks digitally. 
  4. Next, select “Video Lessons” and pick the videos as per your requirements.

If you have not visited the account for months but are simply paying for the subscriptions because you are not aware of how to cancel the account. Do not worry because the company has provided different methods to opt out of the account and here we will discuss the methods below one by one to bring clarity that cancellation of Learn Our History is possible.

You can cancel the account by calling the customer service number, through email, filling out the form Online or via Online.

Canceling subscription at Learn Our History on the Phone:

Customers can contact customer service to request a cancellation by dialing at -877-874-4786 available weekdays from 8 am – 5 pm.

Here are the steps to eliminate the subscription at Learn Our History on the phone:-

  1. You need to have patience because the call might not be answered at one dial.
  2. Once the call is answered, state to them that you want to discontinue the service.
  3. Provide your account details with the account number. This will help identify the account and proceed with the cancellation.
  4. The rep will instruct you with further steps to complete the process.

Cancel the subscription over Email:

In case your call went unanswered, try another method to catch up with them. Compose an Email where you have to mention what issue you are facing. Also, provide your account details and the plan you are currently subscribed to. Complete the writing and email it to customerservice@learnourhistory.com.

Is it possible to cancel the subscription to Learn Our History through the Contact Form:

Hope, customers receive support from the Customer Service Team through Contact Form. This might not solve the issue as soon as possible but still, you can make an effort to reach them.

  1. Visit the online page by clicking on the Contact Support Page.
  2. Mention the name and email ID and make a request to cancel the account subscription clearly on the form.
  3. Write on the specific area that displays the option “Subject Field with Cancel Subscription”. This plainly indicates that you wish to have the account canceled.
  4. Go to the Message category and jot down the message that you want to cancel the subscription.
  5. Now, tap the Send option, and submit the form to get in touch with customer support.

Can I cancel Learn Our History Online?

The easy process of opting out of the subscription is through Online mode. You can complete the process in just a click of your fingertips by following the steps below:

  1. Customers need to visit the webpage of Learn Our History and log in utilizing the credentials.
  2. Click the Account Section and head to the option “Cancel Subscription” and then tap on it.
  3. Now, go through the instructions and complete the process.

Ensure to look for any message in your email box because customer service might reply to your answer over email. You will receive the confirmation on cancellation in your inbox so do check. Also, keep note of the communications for future reference.

Summing up with the article, hope the methods discussed will work for you to request canceling the subscription to Learn Our History. Check for the agreement if any fees or charges are pending before canceling the subscription.

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