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It is quite unfortunate when one needs to cancel an ordered item especially if it’s a customized one in the case of electronics software. These types of orders are somewhat difficult to cancel if one is unaware of the process of canceling and where to start.

Lenovo is one of the technology-related firms that mainly deals in computers, software, electronics, and other such services.

We are here with some guidelines to assist you in canceling your Lenovo order. Read this article till the end to make the best use of this page.

How to cancel a Lenovo order?

Before heading towards canceling an order it is important to remain aware that according to Lenovo’s order cancellation policy, the method to cancel the order on Lenovo and the refund time rely upon the payment method used. Payments are generally done through wire transfer,  credit card, or PayPal.

  • On Lenovo orders through wire transfer: but the product amount has not been sent yet, then there is no necessity to cancel an order from Lenovo. Lenovo cancels the order automatically after 20 days.
  • To cancel an order Lenovo when payment is made by credit card or PayPal, then customers are required to request to cancel the order and submit it on the same date of placing the order.

Refunds on payments made by PayPal upon Lenovo order cancellation might take up to 7 business days whereas credit cards will get charged instantly.

* Note that if the order has been initiated already for production or made ready for shipment then the request on Lenovo to cancel my order may get rejected by Lenovo.

Once the order gets canceled successfully, a confirmation email on the cancellation will be sent to you by Lenovo and the money paid will be refunded back to you.

How To Cancel The Order By Lenovo Customer Support Team:

For any assistance from the support team of Lenovo, customers can reach out to them through:-

  • Chat and Sales: 1-855-253-6686 #2
  • Customer service phone number: 1-855-253-6686 #3
  • Through Email

How to cancel an order on the Lenovo website:

Here are the steps to follow on Lenovo cancel order refund:-

  1. On the first visit to the Lenovo official website.
  2. Next, navigate to the order portal of Lenovo products.
  3. Now, locate the order that you need to cancel.
  4. Tap the option on ‘request a refund’ and

further submit the request to cancel an order on Lenovo.

Bottom Lines:

The nature of canceling Lenovo laptop orders may vary depending on the status of the product. As in the case of products that are already shipped or sent for manufacturing, then in such cases, the cancel request may be rejected by Lenovo. So one must make sure and be careful while placing orders on Lenovo products.

For any further guidance, customers can reach out to the Lenovo customer support staff to resolve queries related to canceling Lenovo orders.

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