Cancel Snap Fitness Membership

How To Cancel Snap Fitness Membership

Snap Fitness Is Different From Any Other Fitness Clubs, They Does Not Have Any Pools, Spas, Showers And Locker Rooms But They Have All The Necessary Needs That Help In Your Fitness Training. They Also Provide You Nutrition Counseling. Their Trainers Are Certified. Their Goal Is To Provide Convenient And Affordable Clubs, Where The Customer Can Workout Without Tension Of Any Expensive Charges. They Have 2200 Branches In 18 Countries. Snap Fitness Provide You High Quality Equipment. You Can Gym Anytime 24/7, The Club Is Always Open. For Better Results, Snap Fitness Have Four Methods To Fit Their Customers. First One Is Get Fit Faster: Through This Method They Focus On Your Workout, Heart Rate And Personal Training. Workout Available According To Everyone In Snap Fitness, In Which You Will Also Get MYFIT Workout To Fitness Classes. Through Their Heart Rate Monitoring, You Can  Burn, Your Fat, Along With This You Can Build Retain And Increase Your Efficiency. Second Method Is Get Fit Your Way: In This Method, You Are Given Cardio, Functional Training And Static Training. Third Method Is Get Fit When It Fits: This Methods Mean That Snap Fitness Provide You 24/7 Access, 24/7 Workout, 24/7 World wide. Forth Method Is Get Fit Together: In Which You Will Be Able To Connect With Those People Who Want To Be Fit And Healthy.

Membership Plans

You Must Be 18 To Subscribe To Snap Fitness Club, Their Charges Are Different In Every Branch Of Each Location.


One Adult: ($39.95 To $44.95)

Two Adult: ($59.95 To $69.95) This Charges Are Applicable For Joint Account.

Family: ($59.95 To $89.95) For Two Adults And Teenager From 14 To 17 Years.

Cancel Snap Fitness Membership

These Are Some Information You Need You Cancel Your Membership:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Account Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Amount Of Last Charge
  • Password
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State/Province/Region
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Reason For Cancellation
  • Last 4 Digits Of Card
  • Date Of Last Charge

If You Are A Member Of Snap Fitness Club And You Are Not Satisfied With Their Services Or Any Other Reason And You Want To Cancel Your Membership, Then These Are Two Methods By Which You Can Cancel Membership.


Cancel Subscriotion Through Mail

If You Want To Cancel By This Method Then Follow These Steps.

  • Write A Letter, In This Letter Write About To Cancel Your Snap Fitness Membership.
  • Write All Your Information Which Was Signed In The Time Of Taking Your Membership.
  • Then Sign And Write A Date Of That Letter And Keep A Copy For Records.
  • Go To The Post Office And Send That Letter To That Address Which Was Provided By The Gym.
  • Now Contact The Phone Number From Which You Signed In, And Ask About Your Cancellation Process.
  •  And Ask For A Confirmation Code Or Email As Proof Of Your Cancellation.

Cancel Membership Over Phone Call

You Can Cancel Your Snap Fitness Membership Over Call Also

  • Call On That Number Which You Signed Up For Membership.
  • Then Ask To Agent About To Cancel Your Membership.
  • If Agent Ask About Your Account Information Then Give To Him/Her.
  • And Ask That You Are In Any Contract Or Free To Cancel.
  • If They Ask To Send A Letter Then Follow Their Instructions.
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