Cancel BT Sports Subscription

Cancel BT Sports Subscription

BT Sport enables you to stream plenty of Sports TV Channels with subscription plans. You just need to select your preferred package in order to get the sports channels to watch events like UEFA Champions League, Premier League, UEFA Europa League, etc.

But now if you left no interest in this and thereby looking to cancel BT Sport to save your money then no more worries as you have stopped at the right page.

Through this blog, you can learn the methods on ‘How to cancel BT Sport monthly pass subscription’ regardless of whichever type of subscription you have bought. You have tried to explain the methods in simple terms such that you can work on them effortlessly.

How to cancel BT Sports Subscription

The different methods that users can wield to Cancel BT Sport monthly subscription are:

  1. Via Online
  2. Through Phone
  3. By Email
  4. Cancellation of BT Sports by EE TV users.

Let us look into these methods in detail below:

1. How to cancel BT Sport subscription Online

  • To cancel BT Sport Online, you need to use the Online Chat tab that is given by BT in order to reach them.
  • Go to the Chat option through its official website and follow the prompts that are instructed on your screen to contact BT.
  • Ask them to cancel your subscription and deliver the details if needed.

It is that by using the ‘My BT’ feature you can manage your subscription account but it won’t allow the users to cancel the subscription online.

2. How to cancel BT Sports subscription through Phone

BT Sport allows its users to cancel the subscription package by Phone. But before you go through the cancellation process you must keep your account details ready.

  1. Step1:

    Dial BT at its available timing from Monday-Friday at 8 am-9 pm, Saturday 8 am-8 pm and Sunday from 9 am-6 pm

  2. Step2:

    BT Sport cancellation telephone number is:

  3. Step3:

    From Landline: 0800 783 1401

  4. Step4:

    From Abroad: +44 179 359 6931

  5. Step5:

    In order to cancel BT Mobile Service you can dial:

  6. Step6:

    From Landline: 0800 389 8414
    From Abroad: +44 179 359 6931

  7. Step7:

    Once you get the response request the rep to cancel the BT subscription and provide the required details that are needed for the cancellation.

3. How to cancel BT Sport monthly pass via an Email

The cancellation after 14 days: If once you have taken BT Sport, then it implies that you had agreed to start streaming the contents on BT Sport immediately. So to cancel you must put forward a 30-day notice to the company.

You may also need to pay a cancellation fee for canceling the service early.

You must forward an Email to BT regarding more details on the cancellation of the subscription after 14-days.

4. How to cancel a subscription on BT Sport for the users of EE TV

Here are the steps you need to perform in order to cancel your BT Sport subscription on EE TV has been stated below:

  • Type a text as ‘TEXT SPORT’ and send it to 150 number
  • They will ask to text you either ‘STOP LARGE’ or ‘STOP BIG SCREEN’
  • Texting them with any of these options will quit viewing the service on a large screen from you. But take note that it would not cancel the BT Sport Mobile service.
  • On deciding to cancel the subscription service when the free offer for 3-month ends, then you may need to pay for the subscription till the next date of billing.

Final Say:

Thus, we hope now you can easily go for BT Sport to cancel your subscription by choosing any of the above-mentioned methods. You can even make a contact with the respective Cable TV provider like EE TV, Plusnet, etc and if you want to know how to cancel BT Sport on Sky just contact its service provider then they will do the cancellation from your side and know any additional information just contact its Customer Service team.

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