Cancel DirecTV Subscription

Cancel DirecTV Subscription

DirecTV is a satellite TV broadcasting service that is inhabited by AT&T. It proposes a wide variety of plans on subscription services.

But if you own a subscription but are not interested anymore and not satisfied with the experience then you can go for Cancel DirecTV in just a few minutes.

So in this article, we bring to you the method on ‘How to cancel your DirecTV Contract’, read this page thoroughly till the end of this page.

How to cancel a DirecTV subscription

There are two different methods by which you can go for DirecTV cancel service i.e Online via Chat and the other is over the Phone.

Let us look into these methods in detail below:

How to cancel DirecTV online through Chat

The method to cancel DirecTV online can be done through the Online Chat button to reach DirecTV and AT&T via its website. The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Visit AT&T’s official website:

    To start with, first, visit the official website of DirecTV and AT&T

  2. Hit on the ‘Support’ tab:

    Next, hit the link on ‘Support’ which is located on the upper side of the screen.

  3. Scroll and get the box on ‘Subscription’ services:

    Then, scroll down the page till you get the box with services.

  4. Select on ‘DirecTV’ tab:

    Now, select the link on DirecTV in the television box.

  5. Tap on the ‘Contact Us button:

    In the next step, tap the button on Contact Us.

  6. Scroll to the ‘Chat’ option:

    Next, scroll below to get the option on Chat.

  7. Click on ‘Chat’:

    Now, click the Chat tab.

  8. Follow the instructions as prompted:

    You need to answer the questions asked by the Chatbot and then make sure to follow the instructions that are prompted on-screen till the end so as to complete the process on DirecTV Now cancel the subscription.

How to cancel DirecTV by Phone:

The other method that you can consider is to cancel the DirecTV subscription over the Phone by contacting the Customer Support team.

Before going through the cancellation process via Phone keep this thing ready:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • The DirecTV account number
  • UserID
  • Account Password.

Here are the points stated below that you need to perform:

1. Dial the DirecTV cancellation number:-
First, dial the DirecTV cancellation phone number of the Customer Service team at 1 (800) 531-5000 to talk about the cancellation.

2. Talk to the rep:-
Next, talk to the customer support representative and make a request on cancelling your DirecTV subscription.

3. Deliver the details required:-
Then, you must provide the information and details that are required and are asked by the rep in order to identify your subscription account.

4. Ask when it will get done and inquire about receiving a confirmation email:-
At last, make sure to ask when the cancellation will be proceeded and also ensure to get an email on confirmation of your subscription cancellation for any future reference.


You need to know that as per the DirecTV cancellation policy you may have made an agreement to continue a 24-month program commitment, and for early termination, a fee of $20 per month on each of the remaining months will be applied as the DirecTV cancellation fee.

So to avoid this keep this thing in mind:

  • The time of the cancellation: Cancelling the subscription at the right moment may escape the fee on cancellation. It eventually depends on the billing period cycle, how long you used this service when planning to renew the contract, and so on.
  • Cancel your subscription when the contract period gets ends.
  • Be polite while talking with the rep.
  • If needed, inform the about the contract’s language to the rep.

Hope this, guide will let you free from the DirecTV subscription and its fees in easy terms.

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