Cancel Proactiv Subscription

Cancel Proactiv Subscription

Proactiv particularly known as Proactiv Solution is a skincare brand launched in the year 1995 and developed in the United States. It includes products for hair moisturizers, body wash, cleansers. It has its 3 step acne kit which is named Proactiv+ introduced in the year 2013.

Proactiv also introduces membership for the members who subscribed to it. The membership of Proactiv is to reach the members with bonuses and other benefits. It cost more than any other services. It has its own tagline – Be Proactiv. If you are a subscriber and not satisfied with the beauty products you can directly cancel your Proactiv subscription.

Here we will guide you on ‘How to cancel my Proactiv subscription’ through the various methods available.

How To Cancel My Proactiv Account Subscription

A proactiv account provides the best facilities to its customers but it incurs a cost which is not possible for a common man to purchase the products. Though price increases, many of them can afford products so that they can get their skin cleared. However, if you want to cancel your Proactiv subscription and looking for ways on how to cancel my Proactiv account’ then you can proceed to cancel it.

The subscription to Proactiv cannot be canceled by email or by delivering letters, or by visiting in person, nor through the online website.

The answer to clear all your confusion on how do I cancel my Proactiv account subscription is discussed below.

There are two different ways in which you cancel your Proactiv subscription.

  1. Cancel Proactiv subscription by the use of contact form.
  2. Cancel Proactiv subscription through a phone.

1. How To Cancel Proactiv Account With  The  Help Of The Firm’s Contact Form

With the help of the company’s contact form, you can easily cancel the Proactiv account. Here are the steps that you need to follow for cancelling Proactiv subscription:-

  • Firstly, try to open the page of the company’s contact on the official website of Proactiv through your preferred web browser.
  • Then enter the required information including your personal details.
  • After that in the category type the message why you want to cancel the Proactiv subscription.
  • You have to wait for some time to receive a confirmation email from the company side.
  • It may also take time to complete the cancellation process but you must hold in patience.

2. How Do I Cancel My Proactiv Account Through Phone

In order to cancel your Proactiv subscription, you can make direct contact with the representative and sort out your problems.

Following are the steps for cancelling the Proactiv account over the phone:-

  • Firstly, dial to contact the executive on the number- 1-800-309-4796.
  • Then ask them to cancel your Proactiv subscription account.
  • Lastly, ask them the confirmation email for cancelling the account as future reference.

How To Delete Proactiv Account

If this question arises then you can use another method for canceling the Proactiv subscription. You don’t need to wait for long and waste your time using other methods for cancellation. It is described in detail below:

How To Cancel Proactiv Account With The Help Of DoNotPay

The app DoNotPay is very useful in cancellation terms. You can use it whenever you want to cancel or delete the subscription account. You cannot ask how to cancel the Proactiv account online because it does give online cancellation. While sending forms it takes time to reach the company and if you call the customer it may take longer time on the end of the agent to receive the call and answer your queries to solve it. So, there is the app, DoNotPay which is the best app as it does not leave a person to wait for long. The few steps that you should follow to cancel your Proactiv account are:-

  1. Firstly, search the web for the app DoNotPay or if you are an iOS user, you can download it from the Apple Store.
  2. Then click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  3. Enter in the blank field the name of the service as ‘Proactiv’ so that you can cancel the Proactiv account.
  4. After tapping cancel you will receive the email confirming the cancellation.

Cancel Proactiv subscription refunds:

In case of Proactiv refunds, the answer we will receive is ‘yes’. You have to check if you can get a refund after cancellation. If you return the products there is also a term and conditions for returning the product and receive a refund.

You can use the free trial for 2 months and if by chance you are unsatisfied in the results with the Proactiv products, then you can return back your product. You will receive the refund of the price that you have paid for the purchase. 

Hence, we bring to you all the possible ways on how to delete Proactiv account subscription in the simplest form depending on which you can use in a more convenient way so that you go through a hassle-free procedure during cancellation of your Proactiv subscription account.

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