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Cancel TransUnion Subscription

TransUnion is known as a credit reporting company throughout the globe, that plays the role of an intermediate of the consumers and businesses. It gathers information and details on millions of consumers from nearly 30 countries all over the world.

It works in monitoring credits scores, collects information and formulates reports on credit, and even allows to provide protection on various fraud or illegal products for the consumers.

TransUnion credit monitoring benefits the customers to get regular permission on the history of credit, as such you can frequently give a check to the reports on credits whenever you wish to.

TransUnion keeps an eye on the credit summaries and warns when there is change in your accounts, as such: in your name a new payment account is registered, increase in your credit card balance, or on any negative data as on late fee paid by your credit takers and thus helps to be on the track on maintaining a healthy score on  credit balance.

If you feel how to cancel TransUnion membership and you are paying for the subscription that you hardly used, then you can cancel the TransUnion subscription easily. Here we bring to you to earn a little knowledge of ‘How to cancel TransUnion membership’ with all the necessary information required to know before canceling TransUnion membership.

How To Cancel TransUnion Monthly Fee

After the free trial period ends the TransUnion subscription charges a fee of $4.95 in the first month and for the rest of the month, you may be charged a fee of $19.95/month. So before you get a charge of the TransUnion subscription it is preferred to cancel your membership before the free trial ends.

How To Cancel TransUnion Free Trial

TransUnion avails its consumers with free trials which aim in inviting the new consumers.

The TransUnion free trials on credit monitoring are particular in nature on the products procured by the company.

The details of your payment card (debit/credit) need to be furnished for using the TransUnion free trial.

No fees will be charged till your free trial gets expired. Once you accept to upgrade it to a payable membership, then you are on a paid TransUnion subscription and will get charged on further use.

So here are ways on how do you cancel your TransUnion free trial:

Cancel Transunion Subscription For Both Free Trial And Paid Subscriptions via Phone Number

At present, the exclusive mode to cancel TransUnion account membership is through the phone.

  • Call on phone numberĀ  855- 681-3196.
  • Timing from Monday to Thursday: 8 am-midnight EST
  • Timing from Friday to Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm EST
  • Then wait for a while for the agent to respond.
  • Confide to the agent that you wish the TransUnion account subscription to cancel.
  • Furnish before them all the details related to your account and also enclose the reason for TransUnion cancellation.
  • Make sure to get a confirmation message on the cancellation of the membership.

Always note down the cancellation of TransUnion confirmation number, the date you dialled to cancel and the name of the representative for it may require as a source in future to contact the rep, regarding your subscription cancellation.

Note: On the cancellation of paid membership, then the service will auto renew to start in a free TransUnion account. So, if you wish for TransUnion auto renewal to cancel your account permanently, it is better if you make your cancellation of the TransUnion subscription distinct.

Even all your details and information of your credit report will no longer be accessible after the cancellation of the TransUnion subscription which includes your credit scores and the purchase analysed in the time of subscription interval.

How To Cancel TransUnion Membership Online

The most preferred cancellation way is to make direct contact with the representative team of TransUnion but if you want to go for cancelling your TransUnion account via online method, here it is mentioned on what you have to follow:

  1. Firstly, from any of your web browsing sites that you frequently use, visit the official website and tap on the link.
  2. Now, Sign in to your registered account.
  3. Next, at the bottom of the page click on the ‘Continue and Cancel’ option.
  4. Then, click on the ‘Cancel My Monitoring’ tab to cancel your subscriptions.

How To Cancel TransUnion Account Online Through DoNotPay

The DoNotPay through its online app brings you the easiest way to cancel your subscription and in handling all the processes of cancellation in less time as compared to waiting for the representative to make responses.

The steps you need to follow is described below:

  • From your preferred web browser open the DoNotPay app, you can even download the iOS version of the DoNoyPay from the Apple Store for free on your iOS device.
  • Ask the Chat Team about the service you wish to cancel your subscription.
  • Provide with all the details and information related to your account with TransUnion.
  • Then confirm the email, and the team will contact you back within 48 hours of cancellation.

TransUnion Cancel Dispute

In order to cancel your TransUnion dispute, you can dial the TransUnion Phone number or you can write a letter to the TransUnion service addressing them in the same location where you made your dispute.

  • P.O Box 200,
  • Chester PA 19016),

And make them know that you wish to cancel your TransUnion membership dispute and want to withdraw all the comments on the dispute you made. Thereby this may make sure that your disputes on TransUnion get canceled.

Cancel TransUnion Plus

When you face any further difficulty on how to cancel TransUnion Plus membership, make a call to the number provided by TransUnion Plus Customer Support Team: 855- 468-1378, which remains available to it customers :

On weekdays, Monday to Friday 9AM – 9PM EST.

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