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A Complete Method to Cancel LegalZoom Services

Are you looking to cancel the LegalZoom services or membership? For a detailed picture just dive into the crux of this page. LegalZoom is a prevalent online platform that hands over various legal services, comprising LLC formation, registered agent courtesies, and much more. However, if you have agreed to cancel the subscription or order, this manual guide will walk you through the process step by step.

How do I cancel my LegalZoom Account Membership?

If you wish to cancel the membership, try using the online method or dial the service number to get assistance.

Cancelling LegalZoom Subscription Online

i) Begin by logging into the LegalZoom account. Navigate to the login page on the LegalZoom website and type login info.

ii) Once logged in, go to account settings and tap on it to access the account details.

iii) In the account settings, locate the subscription or billing information. This section will reveal the details of the current LegalZoom subscription, including the services you are subscribed to and the billing process.

iv)  Within the billing section, there should be an option to cancel the subscription. Tap on the option in order to initiate the process of cancellation. LegalZoom might provide a cancellation form or specific stages to follow.

v) Carefully follow the cancellation instructions provided. LegalZoom might ask you to confirm the decision to cancel and provide an explanation for cancellation. Complete all instructed fields and provide the necessary data.

vi) Take a moment to revise the cancellation terms and conditions. Ensure you apprehend any potential fees or penalties associated with canceling the subscription.

vii) After completion of the cancellation process, LegalZoom will send you a confirmation email. Keep this email for the records as proof of cancellation request.

viii) If you are qualified for a refund according to LegalZoom’s refund policy, monitor the payment system for the refund transaction. Refunds typically take a few working days to process.

ix) In case you do not receive a confirmation email or if you have any problems with the cancellation, consider reaching out to LegalZoom customer support. They can provide assistance and ensure that the subscription has been successfully canceled.

Cancel LegalZoom Membership by contacting Customer Support over the Phone

Dial –888-310-0151 to contact customers over the phone. Request them about the issue faced while canceling. Provide all the related data asked by the service reps to complete the cancellation process.

Look for the statement of the account after subscription cancellation.

Can I Cancel My LegalZoom Order

  • If you wish to cancel an order, contact LegalZoom’s customer support as soon as possible.
  • Provide them with the order details, and they will guide you through the cancellation technique.
  • Before getting in touch with customer support, be sure of LegalZoom’s cancellation policy. This will give you an idea of what to expect and if there are any specific conditions related to the order.
  • Mention that you opt to cancel the order. Be polite and concise in your communication. Providing a reason for cancellation might help initiate cancellation.
  • Monitor the bank account or credit card statement to confirm that the charge for the order is indeed canceled and that you are not billed for the acquisition.

Cancel LegalZoom Registered Agent

  • Log in to the LegalZoom account.
  • Go to the “Registered Agent” section.
  • Search for the cancellation option. Tap on the Cancel Service option.
  • Follow the provided instructions to cancel the registered agent service.
  • Review Cancellation Policy.
  • Confirm Cancellation by agreeing to the cancellation process.
  • Ensure you receive a confirmation of the cancellation.


Can I Cancel My LLC with LegalZoom

Canceling an LLC typically involves legal steps, and it’s recommended to consult with LegalZoom’s customer support or an attorney for guidance.

They can help you navigate the specific requirements for your LLC cancellation.

Cancel LegalZoom Account

To cancel the LegalZoom account, tap the Login tab and visit the account settings.
Look for the option to shut down or deactivate the account.
Follow the teachings confirming the account closure.

Cancel LegalZoom Order

If you ought to cancel an order you have placed with LegalZoom, reach out to customer support immediately.
They will help you in cancelling the order and potentially processing reimburses if applicable.


Cancelling LegalZoom services, orders, or memberships is a simple procedure, but it’s important to heed the specific steps provided on the website or contact the customer service team for assistance when necessary. Make sure to retain any confirmation of cancellation for records so that it can be utilized in the future.

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