How to Cancel PMI,

What Is PMI Cancellation Act & How to Cancel PMI?

Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI is often required when you purchase a home with a down payment of less than 20 percent. While PMI can safeguard lenders, it’s an additional cost for homeowners. If you are hoping to cancel the PMI and potentially save on the mortgage payments, this handbook will walk you through the process. We will encircle topics ranging from the PMI Cancellation Act to understanding when and how to cancel PMI on different types of loans, whether Can I cancel PMI if my home value increases, etc.

What is the PMI Cancellation Act?

The PMI Cancellation Act, also known as the Homeowners Protection Act or HPA of 1998, sets rules for when and how PMI can be canceled. It’s crucial to comprehend this act to assure compliance and eligibility criteria for PMI cancellation.

If My Home Value Increases can PMI Insurance be Cancelled

Yes, you can cancel PMI if the home’s value increases, bringing the loan-to-value ratio lower than 80%. Understand how to get the home appraised and furnish evidence of the increased value to the mortgage servicer.

When Can I Cancel PMI

According to HPA, you can normally request PMI cancellation once you reach a loan-to-value ratio of 80 percent or less. Figure out the different standards and procedures for canceling PMI, counting on the loan type and the payment history.

How to cancel PMI Insurance

Explore the process of canceling PMI insurance, which involves demonstrating that you have met the necessary criteria to eliminate this added cost from the monthly mortgage payment.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to cancel PMI insurance, including contacting the mortgage servicer, providing documentation, and understanding the timeframes involved.

  1. You need to be thorough with the lender’s requirements. Typically, you can request canceling the insurance when you attain 20% equity in your home. Some loans might have different policies, so check the loan agreement.
  2. Obtain a current appraisal of the home. The lender may need this to ascertain that the value of the property has not been reduced since the loan origination.
  3. Make additional mortgage payments to reach the 20% equity threshold quickly. This can be accomplished by paying more each month or making occasional lump sum payments.
  4. Reach out to the lender. Inform them that you assume you have reached the essential equity level to cancel PMI. They might have precise forms or strategies to instigate the cancellation process.
  5. Provide the essential documentation, comprising proof of the current value of the property from the appraisal. Your lender will examine these documents to confirm the eligibility, and whether PMI will be canceled or not.
  6. Stay updated with the lender to ensure the process is moving forward. Be proactive in providing any further information they require.
  7. Once the lender confirms that you have met the prerequisites, they should cancel the PMI. Do check that your monthly statements reflect this change upon canceling.

Be verbal with the lender so that you can acknowledge the loan details and understand their distinct requirements and procedures.


Cancellation of PMI Letter

To cancel PMI, you might request it in writing. You need to draft a formal PMI cancellation letter and send it to the mortgage servicer as part of the cancellation procedure.

Can You Cancel PMI on FHA Loan

FHA loans have specific rules regarding PMI cancellation. Learn when and how you can cancel PMI on an FHA loan, including the different requirements compared to conventional mortgages.

How to Cancel PMI on FHA Loan

If you have an FHA loan, the process of canceling PMI differs from conventional loans. Learn about the specific rules and requirements for canceling PMI on an FHA loan.

When Homeowner might Request Private Mortgage Insurance to be Cancelled

The HPA outlines specific possibilities when homeowners can request PMI cancellation. Figure out the conditions under which you can make this request and the significance of monitoring the loan-to-value ratio.


Canceling PMI can lead to substantial savings on the monthly mortgage payments, but it’s necessary to understand the rules and processes involved. Familiarize yourself with the PMI Cancellation Act and the specific requirements for the loan type to successfully remove PMI from the mortgage. If you have queries or need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact the mortgage servicer or a financial consultant for assistance.

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