How To Cancel Thinkific Subscription,

Step-by-Step Guide: Cancelling Your Thinkific Subscription

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How do I cancel my Thinkific Subscription? Worrying about canceling a subscription that is subscribed by mistake then this article is going to clear your doubts. So, let’s catch up on what Thinkific Subscription is.

Thinkific is a platform that enables you to market and create online courses. You can easily run online education just by clicking on the Subscription button. If you wish to change your current subscription plan then you can cancel the ongoing plan and subscribe to another plan.

You will be glad to hear that cancellation of the Thinkific Subscription can be done at any moment. 

How To Cancel Thinkific Subscription?

Cancellation of the subscription implies the payments for subscription in the future will be hindered. The free plan will be available once you cancel the subscription. No need to worry about the site because you can get the features of a free plan with the site.

After the cancellation of a subscription, if you want to know whether you are canceled from Thinkific Subscription or not then just head to the courses available. You can get only the Top Courses available on the Free Plan. In case you created two or more courses then be sure to Reorder courses before subscription Cancel. This way you can get access to the Preferred Course.

Here are the steps to cancel the subscription:-

  1. Choose the First Name:

    First and foremost, pick the Accounts Name i.e. your First Name.

  2. Update the Plan:

    Next, select the option “Update Your Plan”.

  3. Tap Downgrade:

    After that, select the Downgrade option available under the Free Plan tab.

  4. Complete Cancellation:

    You can complete the cancellation process by filling up the pop-up available for confirmation.

  5. Your Plan is Canceled:

    The account is now on the Free Plan along with features of the Core Free Plan.

How You Can Delete The Thinkific Account Permanently?

The account deletion is not fully done in case you choose to subscribe to the subscription shortly. Thinkific kept the ways open for users to enter into the plan whenever they wished to. 

The free plan appears with zero fees monthly linked with the site. You will get the options like URL and Change Your Site Name to a different one. Suppose the URL was given to other persons then you can choose to change the name on-site. 

The new account users can easily get the default option for processing payment is Thinkific Payments. Suppose you temporarily do not wish to use the account then select the downgrade option to subscribe to a Free Plan. Also if you expect to keep the third-party processor for payment then downgrade to a free plan. 

If you still do not wish to keep the account then email the company using the following information 

  • The email should be sent through the Email ID registered with the account. 
  •  The Thinkific URL
  •  You need to confirm that you are sure about the deletion. Once you confirm the services will be permanently deleted and cannot be reversed. 


How to know if a user canceled in Thinkific:

If a user subscription is canceled you can get access to the subscription till the next date of renewal. After the date of billing, no payment is required to pay

Thinkific offers to create three courses and is also a legitimate company. If you want to cancel Thinkific temporarily you can do so just by going through this article.

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