Cancel ILoveKickboxing Membership

Cancel ILoveKickboxing Membership

The ILoveKickboxing is one of the fitness franchise company which aims to help out those people who are much conscious about their health to get them a trained and fit body through a strong mixture of formal exercises and with training on martial arts and not through any diet chart.

ILoveKickboxing has earned a lot of praise for its routine workouts and the results by its members but sometimes due to any reason there you may need to cancel the membership. So this article is for those who wish to cancel the ILoveKickboxing membership and a bit confused as the termination process is a bit tricky. Thereby it is advised to go thoroughly with ILoveKickboxing cancellation policy before cancel ILoveKickboxing membership.

Can You Cancel ILoveKickboxing Membership

Yes, one can go for the ILoveKickboxing cancel membership if they wish to do so. But the thing is that the process of cancellation seems a bit tricky so you must know the methods and carefully perform the steps.

How To Cancel ILoveKickboxing Fitness Membership

If you have decided on ILoveKickboxing, cancel membership and take the risk to cancel by own then you can choose any of the mentioned methods.

  1. By In-Person.
  2. Over the Phone.
  3. Through the Email.
  4. Via Certified Mail.

Some of the requirements at the time of cancellation

Here are some of the information you must keep ready which may require for cancelling the membership are as follows:

  • Full name of the member.
  • Contact number.
  • Username of the account.
  • Password of the membership account.
  • Registered Email address of the member.
  • Membership Account number.
  • Birth date.
  • The date of the last charge.
  • The last charge amount.
  • Address of billing.
  • The last four(4) of the payment card.
  • City of residence.
  • Province/ State/ Region
  • Country
  • Postal Code/ ZIP Code.
  • The reason for cancellation.

i. How to cancel ILoveKickboxing membership by In-Person

In order to cancel my ILoveKickboxing membership In-Person one need to perform the following steps:

  1. Visit to the nearest gym.

  2. Talk to the gym executive team at the Home club.

  3. Furnish the details required for cancellation for identifying the membership account.

  4. Fill the cancellation form and follow the instructions as per described by the agent.

  5. Pay the ILoveKickboxing cancellation fee if there is any.

  6. Get the confirmation from the agent on cancellation of membership so that you no longer get billed.

ii. How to do cancellation on membership of ILoveKickboxing over the Phone

For cancellation over the Phone one must make direct contact with the ILoveKickboxing representative by dialing the company’s phone number.

  • Dial to the ILoveKickboxing Phone number:
    At first, one must dial the ILoveKickboxing cancel membership phone number at : (516) 882-7182.
  • Hold for a while and talk to the rep about the cancellation:
    Then, wait a while for the rep to respond and make a request for the cancellation to the rep.
  • Provide the details on account if asked:
    Next, provide all the personal details and information when asked by the rep so as to identify the membership account.
  • Ask the rep if you are free or on contract to the membership account:
    Now, ask the representative if the membership account is in contract form or free to cancel the membership.
  • Follow the instructions of the rep:
    Lastly, make sure to follow all the instructions carefully as per mentioned by the rep and get the confirmation mail on successful cancellation.

iii. Cancel through an Email:

To cancel the membership via an Email one must go through the below steps:

  1. Compose an email.
  2. Send it to the email address at
  3. Furnish the details of the account through the email.
  4. Ask if the account is on contract or free so as to cancel its membership.
  5. Get the copies of the correspondence from ILoveKickboxing for future record.

iv. How to cancel membership on ILoveKickboxing via Certified Mail

The steps in order to cancel ILoveKickboxing fitness through Certified mail is described in detail below:

  • Create a cancellation letter:
    Firstly, create the letter of cancellation making a request to cancel the ILoveKickboxing membership.
  • Furnish the account information:
    As listed above, furnish all the details on the account information.
  • Put date and Sign on the letter:
    Next, put the date and sign on the composed letter and maintain a copy of the letter with yourself for records.
  • Send the mail to given address by the Home club Gym or to its headquarter:
    Then, send the certified letter to the gym address as stated by the club or to the ILoveKickboxing Fitness headquarter at Address: 1844 Lansdowne Ave Merrick, NY 11566.
  • Call over the phone to ensure the cancellation:
    At last, call to the gym over the phone and ask about the confirmation mail or number on successful cancellation of the membership which may need for future reference.
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